Free Crochet Patterns

Koi Mermaid

From the designer: An amigurumi mermaid is such an elegant, beautiful character for your plushy collection, but a mermaid inspired by the koi fish makes for a crochet pattern that is as much fun to create as it is to behold. Koi fish are a majestic species of ornamental fish. They are a type of colorful carp from India, but they started being bred for their beauty in Niigata, Japan, and so they have a strong presence in Japanese culture and art. This Koi Mermaid pattern is very straightforward. If you have ever made a top-down doll, she won’t give you much trouble. Her tail and elbows both have short rounds to add some bend in them both. Her tail bends in the middle so that she can sit on a shelf or she can sit with her tail bent up and have a little more character than your average flat mermaid. While Grace’s eyes are safety eyes, they have a lot of embroidery detail which is added to the head before they are installed to give it a more human feel.

Koi Mermaid

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Bunny Safety Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Whether you call it a safety blanket, a lovey, a security blanket or a comforter, this safety blanket is most adored by babies and toddlers around the world. This Bunny Safety Blanket Free Crochet Pattern is a plush toy and security blanket all in one. This super cute Bunny Safety Blanket will make a great baby shower gift. Different from most Bunny Lovey, it sews Bunny’s head at the top of it, and crocheted four paws for all four corners, adding a pompom as bunny’s tail. This project is perfect for intermediate crocheters. It will make a perfect Easter gift to your little ones. Thanks Elisa Sartori for sharing this free crocheting pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below the photo. Happy crocheting.Bunny Safety Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Bunny Safety Blanket

Amigurumi Octopus

Make an adorable little octopus with long curly tentacles using this easy to follow pattern. You can easily add a small bow or flower to the head or even a little bowtie. The octopus is made in 2 pieces, the head is crocheted and then the tentacles are made in one piece that is then sewed onto the bottom of the head. Materials: 1 skein of Patons Grace yarn (Azure) Size 3.125 crochet hook Two 8mm safety eyes Embroidery needle Embroidery floss for the mouth Stuffing for the headAmigurumi Octopus

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Rag Doll Bunny Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

This Rag Doll Bunny Amigurumi is simply adorable and extremely charming! Just look at their sweet expressions and scarfs! They are very cute and even better, they are perfect for Spring and Easter! You can customize the colors of their scarf, fur, tail; anything you would like to make it unique and special! This is also a great plush toy, so you can give this to kids or make it as a baby shower gift! Whatever you choose to do, these plushies will inspire and delight anyone who has it! Thanks She Makes Crochet for sharing this free pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting and enjoy!Rag Doll Bunny Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

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Rag Doll Bunny Amigurumi

Amigurumi Mermaid Cat Doll Crochet Free Pattern

Are you a crochet lover who is sick of making blankets, hats, and gloves? Here are a few Crochet Amigurumi Mermaid Doll Patterns for you to start a little different project. The Mermaid Dolls in the pictures below are very beautiful. They are great gifts for little girls who are fascinated by mermaids. You can crochet a mermaid or more with any of these patterns. They may look difficult to make, but actually it is pretty easy. You can use any color you would like. I love all the bright colors used in the patterns. You can also decorate them with little crochet flowers or other items. Happy crocheting.Amigurumi Mermaid Cat Doll Crochet Free Pattern

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Mermaid Cat Doll