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Lovey Cat Sweater Crochet Pattern

The best time to wear a sweater is all the time - and this Lovey Sweater is one your cat won't want to take off. It features a chunky turtleneck and ribbed hem around the belly. Simply pull the sweater over your cat's head, guide her legs through the from arm holes, and you're good to go!

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Lovey Cat Sweater Crochet Pattern

Minnie’s turtleneck dog sweater

Let's crochet a small dog sweater, shall we? If you want your dog to not only look absolutely cute, but also be warm and cozy during your fall and winter walks, this pattern in the pictures below will make sure of that! What's more, it will fit most small dogs or puppy’s, so it's also a great idea to donate a bunch of these to the shelter.Minnie’s turtleneck dog sweater

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Cabled Crochet Dog Sweater With Legs Pattern By Cricket Of Woolycricket

This pattern is skillfully designed by Cricket of Woolycricket for dogs to feel comfortable. The crochet dog sweater with legs is exquisitely made for your little nugget to warm up their whole body and alleviate the decreasing temperature.

The lengthy sleeves of this crochet dog sweater are especially made to heat up those little fur baby's legs while keeping them stylish and ready for all occasions.

This crochet dog sweater with legs pattern is made up of superwash wool and acrylic. Crocheting this dog sweater pattern forms a closed-knit yet breathable fabric which makes it easier for your little fur babies to move easily and loose at the same time.Cabled Crochet Dog Sweater With Legs Pattern By Cricket Of Woolycricket

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Cat Crochet Football Sweater Pattern

Do you love dressing up the whole family to watch the big games during the football season? If you have fur babies, you should also include them in the tradition!

This football sweater is the perfect crochet football pattern to make for your pets! You don't even have to worry about the struggles you'll have to go through just to put this on your pet because it slips easily through their head.

Plus it has ribbed edgings both in the neck and at the bottom for added style. In addition to that, this sweater can fit both cats and dogs!

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Cat Crochet Football Sweater Pattern

Small Pet Stripy Sweater Crochet Pattern

"This dog coat pattern is so cute and has two little holes for a dog’s front two legs. There's ribbed banding around the neckline too so it's extra comfy for the little fella. This crochet dog sweater pattern is made out of a super soft worsted weight yarn. The plymouth hot cakes are acrylic wool blends with built in color changes. All the color shifts without having to weave in all the ends. This is the perfect snuggly yarn for a crochet dog sweater. Crochet dog sweater patterns don't have to be intimidating. This little sweater is so easy to make and your dog will appreciate it so much during the colder months. You could even make it a little crochet dog hat to match."Small Pet Stripy Sweater Crochet Pattern

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