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The Marbel Blanket

Of course, a geometric blanket can be a more traditional mosaic-like arrangement. Thereby, here is nother interpretation of the two-tone geometric pattern in the Mabel blanket below. Moreover, it’s also a great one if you wish to highlight a simple, modern interior without overpowering it with loud, eye-watering colors.

The Marbel Blanket 
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Mabel Blanket

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The Mabel Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The Mabel Blanket is an alternate take on the B&W blanket motif, with the entire surface covered in evenly spaced point-on diamond shapes. You can just picture snuggling in it with your favorite cup of java, can’t you?The Mabel Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The full tutorial about this pattern is on meghanmakesdo.com blog :

Mabel Blanket

Nya “Infinity” Mosaic Blanket

Next, if you prefer linear rather than concentric gradients, you can make this mesmerizing mosaic blanket. Overall, by using fine patterning and simple stitches this is a much more soothing and less energetic. However, that also has its place. Furthermore, the gentler patterning will also be a much better fit for a greater variety of interiors. In particular, this is especially true for ones where a more energetic pattern would clash.Nya “Infinity” Mosaic Blanket

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More info about project photographed on Ravelry.

Chic Modern Mosaic Blocks Throw

Get a Free Crochet Blanket pattern will have you dropping all your other WIP’s to make this throw. The Chic Modern Mosaic Blocks Throw pattern is a fun project to crochet. Made with two colors of worsted weight washable merino yarn, this afghan can be made to match any home decor. I love to crochet blankets but I find that I get bored easily. With the mosaic blocks crochet stitch I couldn’t wait to see how the next repeat would look. The stitch pattern combined with the softness of the yarn made for this to be a very enjoyable project. The stitch pattern uses simple stitches but in a unique way which makes this an intermediate pattern but I think with a little patience a beginner crocheter can make this blanket.

Chic Modern Mosaic Blocks Throw

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Nya Infinity Mosaic in Rainbow Free Crochet Pattern

The Nya Mosaic Blanket is a novel application of basic crochet stitches. Although you can follow a chart to make one yourself, it is also possible to use a long-form written instruction. While this isn’t necessarily the simplest project, this blanket can be made by just about anyone if they take enough care. The size is arbitrary, and can be adjusted to fit any need. The colors for the pattern are only limited by your imagination. Please see below for yarn details and the most beautiful realization of this project. I’m sure you will find something for yourself among them.

Nya Infinity Mosaic in Rainbow Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

Nya Infinity Mosaic Blanket

Info about these versions and the photos –here.

Two-Tone Wave Crochet Blanket Pattern

Can't decide which yarn color to use in a crochet afghan pattern? Well, now you can use both in this fascinating Two-Tone Wave Crochet Blanket Pattern. This eye-catching piece features the ripple stitch, which creates an elegant wave-like pattern that stretches across the entire piece. The varying shades of yarn also create interesting shadow illusions that give this project some character.Two-Tone Wave Crochet Blanket Pattern

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