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Pencil Tissue Box Cover

This Pencil Tissue Box Cover measures 7 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches fits a normal square tissue box. The tissues are being pulled out from the tip of the pencil. This Pencil Tissue Box Cover is such a cute and fun looking design that will make a wonderful addition to your child's playroom. It is also the perfect Back to School gift for teachers and students. You can make several of these to donate to preschools, too!Pencil Tissue Box Cover

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School Days Pencil Case

The key to success in school is staying organized this School Days Pencil Case will help make that happen. Follow this easy crochet pattern to make yourself or your favorite student a gift they use daily. Use your school colors to personalize this pattern.http://www.crochetdynamite.com/2012/08/getting-ready-for-school.html

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Silly Monster Crochet Cozy

Your kids might actually enjoy going back to school with this Silly Monster Crochet Cozy. It comes in bright colors with funky eyes and teeth to put a smile on anyone's face. Make one for the elementary school teachers to keep their apples in or pack it in your kid's lunch so the fruit doesn't get battered. What a cute craft for everyone to appreciate!Silly Monster Crochet Cozy

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Handy Dandy Pencil Case

If you are looking for a textured purse pattern, but you are too lazy sewing things and add a lining, this Handy Dandy pencil case pattern just fit for you to try. It’s also perfect to use as a cosmetic bag and keep your crochet hooks. "This is an alternative crochet pattern who hates sewing lining to a crochet bag and purses. But this pencil case is thick enough to hold the stuff in it even without the liningHandy Dandy Pencil Case

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Sturdy Numbered Die with Foam Block

This Sturdy Numbered Die with foam block can be made in under 60 minutes and can be used right away to either teach your children numbers or play games with them. It is a perfect beginner project that uses only single crochet and surface crochet. The foam block is usually used for flower pots, but can be switch out with polyfill or an old t-shirt in case you want the die to be used by babies.Sturdy Numbered Die with Foam Block

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Diy Crochet Pen Pencil Holder

Here is a quick DIY Back to School Crochet project. Crochet this easy and resourceful Crochet Holder to put in your Pen Pencils and stationery or you can use them to organize your favorite crochet Hooks. This holder is made with Waistcoat Stitches which gives it the pretty knitted look. Crochet Organizers have always been one of my favorite crochet projects to make. They are best to sort out your things at your home. They also make one of the best stash bursting project to use up your scrap yarns. This is a simple pattern which can be easily adjusted to different sizes according to your need. Use your favorite color preference to make them more peppy and cheerful. Materials Used:- Bulky Yarn - 12 Ply 6mm Crochet Hook Size:- 3.5/4.5 inches - can be customized to any sizeDiy Crochet Pen Pencil Holder

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Stashbuster Pencil Case

Multicolored crochet patterns like this Stashbuster Pencil Case are always great to make when you need to use up your leftover yarn scraps. Plus, this is one of the most fun crochet patterns ever because you can add a personalized touch to your children's school supplies. Customize this design by using your kid's favorite colors, favorite sports team colors, or school colors. A cardboard paper towel tube is used to complete this free crochet pattern.Stashbuster Pencil Case

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Veggie Crochet Pen Cozy

Back to school season is just around the corner, and it is important to find ways to differentiate your supplies from other students. With the Veggie Crochet Pen Cozy you will never lose a pen again. These adorable cozies are perfect for slipping onto a pen for ultimate comfort plus the added security of always knowing which veggie you are missing. These pen cozies would also make adorable gifts for any health teacher or gardener in your life.Veggie Crochet Pen Cozy

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Crayon Water Bottle Cozy

Carry your water with color! Crochet this quick and fun water bottle cozy! Button closure ensures water bottle won’t fall out no matter how hard children play! And the ‘scribble strap’ adds just all the more fun! Difficulty: Easy Sizes included: One Size Yardage listed within the pattern. All patterns are written in English and use standard American English crochet terms. All patterns have been tested by qualified crochet artists but if you believe there may be an error, please contact me.Crayon Water Bottle Cozy

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