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Fall Leaves

Finally, great fall-themed projects should also include leaves in various colors. You undoubtedly take every opportunity to enjoy the fall landscape. Ahead of next time, crochet some fall-inspired leaves. These tiny wonders are going to be perfect for so many projects! The full article about this

American Flag Applique

My free pattern this week is an American Flag Applique. I wanted to have a pattern to share with you all for Presidents' Day, which is on February 17th. I hope you guys like it! You'll need a D 3.25mm crochet hook, #4 worsted weight yarn in red, white and blue and a tapestry needle. If you want

Easter Lily (November Lily)

From time immemorial, the lily symbolizes royalty, majesty, and glory and according to Greek and Roman mythology, it was was dedicated to Hera. The ancient Greeks called it leirion, from the adjective leiros: gentle, thin, sensitive, bun in ancient Rome it meant hope. In Christianity, it is

Happy Flower Decoration

However, since we’re well into the best wall hanger selection, here are some flowers that hang and twist in the bridge. The full tutorial about this pattern is here: Happy Flower Decoration More details about projects photographed here and here.

Melted Snowman

Next, this snowman amigurumi is just having a blast enjoying the summer. Thus, this Melted Snowman toy, will be a fun and ironic Christmas gift or a fun Christmas decoration. The original pattern is available at Golden Lucy Crafts: Melted Snowman

Daisy Flower Applique

Flower appliques can also be quite realistic. To wit, here is one that is a video tutorial with the written pattern is avaialble in the form of subtiltles. The original pattern and the tutorial is available on YT: Daisy Flower Applique

Silver Linings Hanger

Next, the best wall hanger grouping needs to include rainbows. Overall, a decorative rainbow hanging will brighten up any room and always highlight the silver lining The full article about this pattern is here: Silver Linings Hanger

Jar Cover

Next, this lighting project is a jar cover to give your tea lights that extra special mood. Of course, how complex these are is entirely up to you, but the shadows cast by the moving flame will be intricate and wonderful. In particular, the color of the yarn will also affect the overall ambiance of

Lavender Flower

To begin with, our flower appliques start with lavender. Indeed, we all love lavender for its purple hues and stunning aroma. Consequently, here is a colorful take on this beautiful floral decoration. The original pattern and the photos are available at Just Crochet YT channel: Lavender Flower

Rose Applique

So, you want your flower appliques to include roses, do you? Here you go, then: quick, easy and fun… and rosy. The original pattern and the photos are available at Ravelry: Rose Applique More info about yarn used at the project photographed here and here.

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