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Happy Apple Crochet Applique

Back to school season comes up fast, and with it comes new backpacks, different teachers, and first impressions. This Happy Apple Crochet Applique can help with all three. When it comes to backpacks, many kids will have the same taste. Make sure your child's backpack is never mixed up with this crochet applique. With one look, everyone will know whose it is. Saying "thank you" in advance to teachers is always a great gesture, and the gift of a crochet applique sewn onto a pouch or other project is the perfect way to begin a school year and to make a great first impression.Happy Apple Crochet Applique

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Paper Wrapped Romance Rose Crochet Bridal Bouquet

Want to gift someone a lovely bunch of flowers? If yes then make these paper-wrapped romance rope crochet bridal bouquet for a change. The real flowers are going to wither away but not this lovely romance rose bouquet. This bouquet is made with pink and red flowers with a little button embellishing. Details here!Paper Wrapped Romance Rose Crochet Bridal Bouquet

Tutorial: repeatcrafterme

Crochet Scrubbies Pattern Using Tulle

Here is how you can make these adorable and cute crochet scrubbers and that too from the tulle. Yes, grab some colorful tulle and cut it into something strips. Then you can use these strips in the place of the yarn to make these adorable and colorful crochet scrubbies. Follow the pattern here!Crochet Scrubbies Pattern Using Tulle

Tutorial: consumercrafts

Pansy Flower video tutorial

Pansies are a classic garden flower that remain a favorite among gardeners because of their cute “puppy dog” face. Crocheted pansy flowers are wonderful because they last longer than real flowers. They are great for ornaments on larger garments, pillows, or hair ties. You can crochet lovely pansy flowers by following the instructions in the Pansy Flower Free Crochet Pattern.  You can use any color combination you want to work up this crochet flower pattern. Adding embellishments such as small metal brads or beads are optional, but add a nice finishing touch. EnjoyPansy Flower video tutorial

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 Pansy Flower

Starburst Hotpads Free Crochet Pattern

If the preceding ons are not fancy enough for you, these certainly will. Although the name is starburst, this floral hot pad idea is astounding. Undoubtedly, these hot pads will be ideal for an elegant home.Starburst Hotpads Free Crochet Pattern

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 Starburst Hotpads

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How to Crochet Puff Flower Free Pattern

Create these cute and quick crochet puff flowers for multiple purposes. You can create these flowers using different colors of yarn and a free crochet pattern. For making these flowers, puff stitches are the basic crochet technique. Moreover, these flowers involve single crochet, chain, and bobble stitches. Use a 5.00 mm H hook to crochet these mesmerizing puff flowers! naztazia

How to Crochet Puff Flower Free Pattern

Airpod Cases Free Crochet Pattern

These airpod cases are a wonderful clever idea for your iphone. Although they are so very different from one another,  the duck, mallard, penguin, bear and rabbit patterns are all based off the same basic design, so a bit of creativity will result in any animal you wish.Airpod Cases Free Crochet Pattern

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Airpod Cases

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Never Ending Crochet Flower Applique Free Pattern

Flower lovers everywhere will be drooling over this Crochet Flower Applique. The free crochet pattern was created to build a flower applique that stays flat instead of growing taller while adding the petals. This makes the crochet pattern perfect for adding flowers to afghans and throw pillows! The applique will brighten up any room as you can mix up the colors for lighter flowers in the spring and darker colored flowers in the fall.Never Ending Crochet Flower Applique Free Pattern

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Crochet Dahlia Flower Applique Pattern

Are you looking for a crochet project that also involves embellishments? If yes, these Dahlia flowers are the perfect option for DIY. You can use these Dahlia patterns for your shirt and hairband floral embellishment. Not only for accessories, but you can also use these crochet flowers for decoration in the kitchen and on décor pieces. So, create these multi-purpose flowers using a 2.75mm crochet hook. goldenlucycraftsCrochet Dahlia Flower Applique Pattern