Free Crochet Patterns

Jar Cover

Next, this lighting project is a jar cover to give your tea lights that extra special mood. Of course, how complex these are is

Lavender Flower

To begin with, our flower appliques start with lavender. Indeed, we all love lavender for its purple hues and stunning aroma.

Rose Applique

So, you want your flower appliques to include roses, do you? Here you go, then: quick, easy and fun… and rosy. The original

Love Hearts

Of course, a heart for heart’s sake is also wonderful. So, this Mother’s Day heart is not anything in particular, other than just

Starflower Mandala

So, since we want to group the best wall hanger patterns, we definitely need mandalas. Therefore, here is one that's done on two

Simple Popcorn Owl

Next, the best wall hanger collection also needs some animals. Here is one that has a YT tutorial in English, it's “hootiful”.

Autumn Berry Flower

Additionally, flower appliques can be and eas. This it will rapidly add a touch of color to your scarves or hats. This pattern

Primrose Appliques

Next, among the flower appliques, this flower has a flat underside, so it's easy to add a clasp, clip, or attach/sew it to any

Bohem feather

The bohem feather is a bookmark, a pendant, a decoration or anything you need it to be. Indeed of all the boho-style decorations

Heart Cookie

Firstly, here is a Mother’s day heart idea that will definitely drive this celebration. How? By being a key chain, of course!