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Crochet Chocolate Bunny

This pattern is one of our favourites, because it’s perfect for beginners. Who doesn’t love chocolate rabbits? I bet we all do! Such decoration will look very elegant on your table or a shelf. It is also an easy pattern, so you can use a small version of it for Easter egg hunt. photo by Ashley

Little Easter Bunnies

These colorful bunnies will be quick and easy to make. They measure approximately 4.5″ (11cm) of hight. By a small color changes of body, ears and nose, they are very easy to personalize and will look funny and colourful during Easter egg-hunting and kids will love them. photo by lilisor86 from

Crocheted Easter Eggs

Finally, to add some color to our once again, here is another pattern that is vivid, in wild, spring colors. Without a doubt, this pattern will allow you to crochet as many personalized eggs as you want! A link to the free pattern is below photos. The full article about this pattern is here:

Zipzip Bunny Version

In this version of the pattern plastic safety eyes were exchanged for embroidery – and you should keep in mind to do so, if you are planning to give the toy to toddlers or babies. Any plastic elements can be hazardous, so choose simple embroidery instead! photo by CottonOwls from Find

Spring Sweet Bunny

Likewise, the Spring Sweet Bunny is a cute and not necessarily Easter-themed rabbit. This quick pattern is an enjoyable way to get your whole family crocheting, because reasons. Toys are a great way to get the young’uns into the craft, and provide them with hours of enjoyment as well. Go to the

Dress Me Up Bunny

The Dress Me Up bunny is a rabbit pattern with accessories, making it an even more enjoyable toy for the young ones. And, of course, it’s our secret thing, that we all like to make doll and softie outfits and accessories, so it won’t be a chore for us “adults” as well, eh? Go to the pattern: Dress

Sea Turtle in Pastel

Next, fantastic sea turtles need rainbow colors. Consequently, here is a rather unicorn-like one. The original pattern is available on Ravelry: Sea Turtle

Small Eggs

First, we start the list with these small ones, 1.6 inches long. As you can see, they are great in dozens, done in real egg colors. The full article about this pattern is here: Small Eggs

Mini Easter Egg

However, the should include lots of color. Consequently, here are some simple ones in vibrant, monochrome shells. The full article about this pattern is here: Mini Easter Eggs

Koi Mermaid

From the designer: An amigurumi mermaid is such an elegant, beautiful character for your plushy collection, but a mermaid inspired by the koi fish makes for a crochet pattern that is as much fun to create as it is to behold. Koi fish are a majestic species of ornamental fish. They are a type of

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