Free Crochet Patterns


Alpine Stitch Tutorial

Here is another splendid version of the fabulous alpine stitch. This time we are following the instructions of the brilliant


Elements Potholder

Earth, wind, sun, fire, indeed this crochet mosaic potholder has it all. Moreover, you can make each of the elements in any color


Blooming Lotus Square

Although the lotus in this pattern is less 3D than the previous one, its intricate texture and color shifts give it a wonderful


Classic Granny Square

Granny squares are such an iconic part of crochet history, as that is how grandmothers and mothers taught daughters, who became


Tulip Stitch

This pretty stitch creates a heavily patterned fabric that has a really fun texture. The groups of double crochets look like they


Lily Pad Granny Square

This simple pattern will show you how to make a simple and pretty granny square. The design is a little more advanced out of the


The Wattle Stitch

The crocheted wattle stitch is quite simple and it creates a beautiful texture that you’ll especially like for baby blankets. It


Basic Granny Squares

If you wanted to work on a crochet project that used granny squares you have to learn the basics first. This granny square


The Star Stitch

The star stitch has a stunning starburst design, hence the name. The front of the stitch looks different from the back yet the