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Blackwork-Style Square

Next, no collection of amazing squares would be complete without some solid ones. Thus, here is one with lovely, rounded corners that you can make with filet crochet. Go to the pattern: Blackwork-style Square

Hearts & Love Granny Square

First, this heart granny square is a very quick and versatile pattern designed by a true crochet genius. Not only can you use it for a range of Valentine’s Day projects, it’s appropriate year round. Let your imagination run wild and free! Truly, there is no family occasion this wouldn’t be

Eramyst Square

To begin with, the first of our amazing squares is one with a delicate but crisp border. Overall, this wonderful textured piece has 17 rounds and measures 4.5″. Go to the pattern: Eramyst Square

Daisy Center Granny Heart

Next, here is proof that you don’t have to choose between hearts and flowers while looking for a perfect base for your lovely project. Better still, this heart granny square is not a square at all, but it is heart-shaped and has an inset flower. They look amazing in pastel shades but you can go for

Sea Square Free Crochet Pattern

Next, these lovely amazing squares are a marine-themed, highly textured building block to incorporate into your projects. To summarize, this is a small square, 4″ on a side, which will be great to incorporate into afghans, blankets or other projects. However, the block itself is quite thick and

Charlotte’s Dream Square

Of course, the neat thing about amazing squares is that they’re classy and timeless. Moreover, they often combine varying textures and colors, as in here. Go to the pattern: Charlotte’s Dream Square More info about this project you can also find on Ravelry.

Triple Heart Square

Here is another variation of popcorn heart blanket and the squares to make it, also designed by Lisa Hooper. Overall, no words are needed – it’s just that gorgeous. The original pattern is available at Cute Crochet Makes blog: Triple Heart Square more info about project photographed also here.

Heart Granny Squares – Diagram

Next, you can never get enough of patterns for crochet hearts and these two will be perfect for any occasion. Of course, the textures, shapes, colors, all work perfectly here. As it turns out, all you need is love and the perfect square. Which one do you like better? Go to the pattern: Solid Heart

“Maya” Granny Square

Next, no 3 square ideas would be complete without a touch of mystery and nighttime mystique. In these cool purples and blues, the Maya square fits the bill ideally. The original pattern and the photos are available on Ravelry: “Maya” Granny Square

African Floral Granny Square

Of course, African flower crochet is also another beautiful addition. Therefore, let’s enrich our collection of 3 square ideas with this timeless, yet au currant design. The original pattern and the photos are available on Ravelry : African Granny Square

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