Free Crochet Pattern

Cheeta C2C Square

This beautiful, exotic square is made by Kinga Erdem and I absolutely love this design! You can easily use this square to make a huge bed spread or just a blanket for you or your kiddos. Make the whole blanket with just the cheetah squares, or mix things up with other, you can find them in this post. The finished size of each square is 15” x 15”.

Edelweiss Blanket Free Pattern

This gorgeous, vintage inspired blanket has amazing square motifs, that reminded Carmen Heffernan of Edelweiss flowers. Feel free to use any kind of worsted yarn for it, however aran yarn will do really great. The blankie on the pictures below is made with 20 squares and the finished size is 33 x 42 inches 84cm x 107cm.

Arctic Granny Square Free Pattern

Take a look at this lovely granny square by Camilla Baroe! It’s worked up in just two parts, which are the inner square and two rounds of ordinary granny stitches around it. You can use it for so many different projects! For instance, feel free to make some blankets, cushions, tops, cowls and sweaters of it.

Christmas Bauble Granny Square Free Pattern

Don’t we all love Christmas baubles? They come in all shaped and designs, so you can turn your home into a winter wonderland with them! I think that incorporating baubles into crochet squares is a marvelous idea that will take your winter blankets to the next level. Make sure to check out these granny squares with baubles, Christmas lights and festive lines by Raffaella Tassoni