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Primrose Appliques

Next, among the flower appliques, this flower has a flat underside, so it’s easy to add a clasp, clip, or attach/sew it to any flat soft surface 🙂

Primrose Appliques 
The original pattern and the photos are available at Happy Patty Crochet blog:
Primrose Applique

You can also follow a video tutorial here.

Crochet Tropical Flower Hair Clip

Make these tropical flowers with bright color yarn to add a DIY hair clip collection to your wardrobe. Crafting these flowers would be a perfect crochet activity for an intermediate and experienced person. You can create these flower clips for your daughter and her friends in no time and effort. Use crochet thread in different colors and a 1.4mm hook to customize these tropical flowers’ hair clips. kirstenhollowayCrochet Tropical Flower Hair Clip

Crochet Flower Applique Free Pattern

"Crochet Flower Appliques are perfect to crochet if you are wanting to use any leftover yarn and they can be done in any weight yarn too so all you need to do is grab your yarn and corresponding hook and follow this easy crochet pattern! I made my Crochet Flower Appliques with cotton yarn but like i said above you can use any yarn in any color, these are great to sew on to a bag or a hat or you could even make a a hairband, hair clip or even a brooch, the list is actually endless and they are so quick to do."Crochet Flower Applique Free Pattern

Click here for the crochet pattern

Happy Apple Crochet Applique

Back to school season comes up fast, and with it comes new backpacks, different teachers, and first impressions. This Happy Apple Crochet Applique can help with all three. When it comes to backpacks, many kids will have the same taste. Make sure your child's backpack is never mixed up with this crochet applique. With one look, everyone will know whose it is. Saying "thank you" in advance to teachers is always a great gesture, and the gift of a crochet applique sewn onto a pouch or other project is the perfect way to begin a school year and to make a great first impression.Happy Apple Crochet Applique

Click here for pattern

Never Ending Crochet Flower Applique Free Pattern

Flower lovers everywhere will be drooling over this Crochet Flower Applique. The free crochet pattern was created to build a flower applique that stays flat instead of growing taller while adding the petals. This makes the crochet pattern perfect for adding flowers to afghans and throw pillows! The applique will brighten up any room as you can mix up the colors for lighter flowers in the spring and darker colored flowers in the fall.Never Ending Crochet Flower Applique Free Pattern

Click here for crochet pattern

Rainbow Applique Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by Cecilia Fameli 

What is there at the end of the rainbow? Who knows that? Well, now we all now it’s a cloud! This sweet project is incredibly cute, and above all it’s so easy to crochet! In other words, let’s grab some leftover yarn and let’s start!

Rainbow Applique Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about the free pattern and the photos are here. More info on raverly is here.

PHOTOS by Cecilia Fameli  / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on ohlalana.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.