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Watermelon Hat

Here is a tutsi-frutsi summer hat that is absolutely adorable. Indeed, what can be summer-themed than a cool, juicy watermelon on a hot day? Moreover, it’s made absolutely complete by the black bow, a touch of class and sass.

Watermelon Hat 
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Watermelon Hat

Watermelon Cocoon

Got a summer baby that needs to be kept warm and snuggly at an outdoor evening event? Watermelon-themed crochet patterns are perfect for summer. This baby cocoon pattern will have everyone cooing over the little one's cuteness.Watermelon Cocoon

Watermelon Cocoon by Danyel Pink, via Ravelry

Watermelon Crochet Newborn Dress Free Pattern

Lovable Loops, a crochet designer with patterns available through Ravelry, has a great collection of themed crochet newborn patterns. You'll find a crochet unicorn dress, a crochet cupcake dress, and others including this crochet watermelon dress. This is the perfect newborn dress for summer, and it comes along with a matching crochet headband pattern.Watermelon Crochet Newborn Dress Free Pattern

Crochet Watermelon Dress by Lovable Loops

Classic Baby Girl Mary Jane Shoes With Bow

The Baby Mary Janes with Bow pattern provides instructions for crocheting a classic and feminine pair of soft booties for infants, newborns, and babies from 0 to 3 months of age. These Mary Jane shoes are quick and easy to work up (beginner friendly), yet it maintains a very sweet and elegant look. It goes hand-in-hand with Sweet Softies’ free Ribbed Baby Turban hat pattern, which also has a cute bow. Together, they make the perfect gift set for expecting mothers, baby showers, and newborn babies."Classic Baby Girl Mary Jane Shoes With Bow

Click here for the crochet pattern

Watermelon Baby Dress

To begin with, what happens when you “fruitify” the Little White Dress”? Why, of course, you get a watermelon dress of stunning beauty and adorable cuteness. After all, your little girl is every bit as sweet ast that sweetest of fruits.Watermelon Baby Dress

The full pattern is available on Web Archive. more info about Watermelon Dress by Shutterbugette on Ravlery.

Ribbed Baby Turban Headwrap Hat With Bow

The Ribbed Baby Turban Hat with Bow is an adorable beanie that is practical, comfortable, warm, and will make your little girl look absolutely precious! It’s a true fashion statement that is totally trending with top knot headwraps right now. It’s easy to put on and wear, and the perfect accessory for the stylish little diva in your life. It comes in the newborn 0-3 month size, and makes a perfect gift for baby showers, craft fairs, and the like! It is also easily adjustable to fit smaller or larger heads as well!Ribbed Baby Turban Headwrap Hat With Bow

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