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Easter Lily (November Lily)

From time immemorial, the lily symbolizes royalty, majesty, and glory and according to Greek and Roman mythology, it was was dedicated to Hera. The ancient Greeks called it leirion, from the adjective leiros: gentle, thin, sensitive, bun in ancient Rome it meant hope. In Christianity, it is regarded as a symbol of innocence, purity, and resurrection.

Easter Lily (November Lily)

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Crochet Flower Hera Free Pattern

"This free crochet flower pattern is super easy and quick to make. Crochet Flower Hera is small and cute, the perfect embellishment for pillows, hats, purses, jackets and many more. This flower is an ideal scrap yarn project. Experiment with different yarn weights and hook sizes for larger or smaller flowers. I made Crochet Flower Hera with 6 strand embroidery floss and a 2 mm crochet hook and it measures about 4,5 cm (1,77 inches) in diameter."Crochet Flower Hera Free Pattern

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Daffodil Easter Hanger Free Crochet Pattern

"Crochet this cute daffodil hanger to put on your Easter tree or to decorate your home for spring. This quick make will give your Easter decor an unique look and be the perfect addition to any Easter table. Made using dk cotton and either a 4mm foam ball or filling, this crochet bauble captures the soft pastel feeling of spring. This pattern uses a variety of special stitches including FLO, BLO, clusters and fpdc to create the shape of the daffodil flower."Daffodil Easter Hanger Free Crochet Pattern

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Acorn Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Another fall decor item that many people crochet is acorns. Although most people don't eat acorns, they can indeed be used as food. This free crochet pattern is for a purse that looks like an acorn. Although we usually think of nuts as their own food category, they do fall into the fruit food group.Acorn Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Acorn from Roman Sock

Easter Bunny

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These super sweet Easter bunnies in the pictures below are an adorable applique idea for so many projects! You can for instance embellish blankets, baskets, hats and so on with these cuties! So if you’re looking for a great and fast to crochet stash buster, we’ve got you covered!

Easter BunnyPHOTOS by pysselofix /

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