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Sakura Kimono Bunny

This beautiful bunny doll in a kimono and sandals will be perfect for customizing! You can easily change the colors of the robe and add cherry blossom flowers on her head. This crochet bunny amigurumi is an elegant and outstanding project, which will make a great easter gift.
Sakura Kimono Bunny
photo by Sweet Softies from ravelry.com

Find this free crochet pattern on furlscrochet.com, or read more about it on ravelry.com.

Hawaiian Hula Dancer Amigurumi Girl Doll

The Hawaiian Hula Dancer features this sweet Pacific Islander girl named Leilani. She wears a red top, a removable green hula skirt, and a removable crown of beautiful, red flowers in her long, black hair. This is a relatively quick and easy crochet project, and makes the perfect gift for kids who would love playing with toy dolls that have accessories! This doll pattern is a variation of Sweet Softies’ Baby Bean Doll. To make the Hawaiian Hula Girl, you will also need pattern instructions for the Baby Bean doll base, a free pattern on the Sweet Softies blog.Hawaiian Hula Dancer Amigurumi Girl Doll

Click here for the crochet pattern

Easter Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

You will love this bunny, because it is made just right to be held in the hand by someone you love. This quick pattern is fun to make, fun to have, and you can pay the fun forward, by sharing it with those that you love. It is perfect for last minute Easter handmade gifts.
Easter Bunny Free Crochet Pattern
photo by Amigurumi Today from amigurumi.today

Find this free crochet pattern on amigurumi.today, or read more about it on ravelry.com.

Rag Doll Bunny Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

This Rag Doll Bunny Amigurumi is simply adorable and extremely charming! Just look at their sweet expressions and scarfs! They are very cute and even better, they are perfect for Spring and Easter! You can customize the colors of their scarf, fur, tail; anything you would like to make it unique and special! This is also a great plush toy, so you can give this to kids or make it as a baby shower gift! Whatever you choose to do, these plushies will inspire and delight anyone who has it! Thanks She Makes Crochet for sharing this free pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting and enjoy!Rag Doll Bunny Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

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Rag Doll Bunny Amigurumi

Bunny for Doll

Next, this tiny bunny is a great accessory for a doll. Thus, if your little one wants her dollies to have a pet bunny of their own, you can now get her one easily. Overall, I just adore the long, floppy ears of this gorgeous mini-amigurumi.Bunny for Doll

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Bunny for Doll