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Sunny Bunny

Every small kid will love the Sunny Bunny, because apart from his possitive sunny look, he is very handy. This Bunny can be also a wonderful gift idea for adults. No matter whom you decide to give such beautiful work, you can be sure that they will know that they are special to you.

Sunny Bunny

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Bunny Heart Amigurumi

To whom are you going to give this sweet gift? Is it a bunny, or a heart? It’s both! If you are a beginner, it will be a good project to start with, because it’s simple and uses basic stitches. A sweet, fast to make and unforgettable gift for someone you love. See in the pictures how adorable it is with plastic eyes and little bows.Bunny Heart Amigurumi

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Easter Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

You will love this bunny, because it is made just right to be held in the hand by someone you love. This quick pattern is fun to make, fun to have, and you can pay the fun forward, by sharing it with those that you love. It is perfect for last minute Easter handmade gifts.
Easter Bunny Free Crochet Pattern

Pretty Bunny Amigurumi in Dress Free Crochet Pattern

As Spring is coming quietly, Easter is coming soon too. Easter is one of the best holidays for crafters and bunnies are the most classic symbol for this holiday. Have you had a plan to crochet something for Easter yet? Here are some Free Amigurumi Bunny Crochet Patterns for you. They are great for the bright, sunny days of spring. Kids will fall in love with those adorable Amigurumi patterns. They are great homemade gifts for Easter. They are easy crochet patterns to make using worsted weight yarn. They would look so cute peeking out of your child’s Easter basket. Thanks Below designers for sharing these free crochet patterns. The link for the pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting.Pretty Bunny Amigurumi in Dress Free Crochet Pattern

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Pretty Bunny Amigurumi in Dress 

Cuddle me bear amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by Amigurumi Today

Amigurumi Today has so many beautiful toys patterns! I must admit, that this sweet bear is just a timeless classic. The colors is very neutral and on point, his shape is the best, and his eyes are just mesmerizing! The finished size is 15 cm (if you’re using the recommended yarn weight & hook size).

Cuddle me bear amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

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Free Amigurumi Crochet Bunny Rattle Pattern

This free crochet bunny rattle pattern is not the usual pattern I would design but there is a reason for this! My brother is expecting a baby boy and I really wanted to make him a special gift from his untie! :-) I very much enjoyed working on this Amigurumni bunny pattern as it is a quick and simple project that is finished in no time and the result is just soooo cute! This pattern includes instructions for both the bunny rattle and the wooden ring rattle so why don't you give it a try!?Free Amigurumi Crochet Bunny Rattle Pattern

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