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So Long Summer Scarf

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The So Long Summer Scarf is a free crochet pattern featuring Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton Blend yarn! Say goodbye to summer with this textured and lovely scarf with large tassels perfect for your welcome to Fall wardrobe! Rows of ridges and filet for a lovely texture with an easy and repetitive pattern. Simple yet stylish and trendy! I used two complete balls of the Comfy Cotton Blend in order to make a good-size scarf. Mine finished ended up being approximately 58” wingspan (measured without tassels) and 32” to the point of the v. Certainly could be made smaller if desired or larger to be a shawl -- completely customizable!

So Long Summer Scarf

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Criss Cross Ridges Infinity Scarf

"The Criss Cross Ridges Infinity Scarf has so much fun texture and works up nice and quickly! It's so soft and squishy, while also being a nice weight for milder temperatures between seasons. This infinity scarf is long enough to wrap twice. It comes out to approximately 60 inches in length. This scarf looks super fun in this self-striping rainbow effect yarn, but would also look beautiful made with one solid color of yarn. When finished, this infinity scarf is approximately 60 inches long and 6 inches wide. I hope you love making this scarf! "Criss Cross Ridges Infinity Scarf

Devon Sideways Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Devon Sideways Shawl Free Crochet PatternToday's free crochet pattern is the Devon Sideways Shawl and this beautiful shawl is a filet crochet pattern meaning that it just uses the double crochet stitch and the chain stitch. I designed a filet crochet blanket not long ago of broken chevrons and wanted to do that as a shawl but i got a bit carried away and in the end it didn’t end up as broken chevrons, it ended up as a double chevron but don't worry the broken chevrons is still on my list to do. This crochet pattern is very easy as it consists of working it row by row, flat and sideways and it works up super quick! This shawl only took me 4 days to complete and then a few extra days for blocking. Even though this pattern is a filet crochet pattern i still like to block my shawls as it gives it more of a crisper finish and it lays more flat.

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Winding Ridges Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

"You'll love the drape, look and feel of this cozy crochet cowl. This pattern uses only 1 stitch but where the stitch is placed is what creates a nice winding ridges textured look. This cowl can be made using just 1 skein of Lion Brand Scarfie or 1 skein of Loops and Threads Barcelona. This is a perfect cowl for the colder months. You can substitute another bulky weight yarn but keep in mind using a different yarn can affect drape. "Winding Ridges Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

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Electric Blue Filet Crochet Shawl

This is a free crochet pattern for a beautiful crochet shawl pattern. The pattern uses filet crochet technique which is worked from a graph. The finished wrap is beautifully large and rectangular shape. It uses crochet thread and 2 mm hook but works up surprisingly faster than you would expect. This crochet shawl can be used as a wrap across your shoulders in warmer weather due to the larger size or as a big scarf in colder weather.

Electric Blue Filet Crochet Shawl

Big Sky Shawl

Big Sky ShawlLife is often hard, and even the clearest skies have clouds sometimes. And as crocheters, we can make it better. One way is by making prayer or comfort shawls for those who need an extra hug, and to feel our love. The Big Sky Shawl was designed with this idea in mind - while maintaining a sense of style. The Big Sky Shawl is made with Lion Brand Homespun, a favorite yarn for those crafting for others. It's warm, soft, and the yarn creates the texture - which means simple stitches shine. And the Big Sky Shawl does indeed use simple stitches, so almost anyone can make this easy crochet prayer shawl pattern! The colors I used for the Big Sky Shawl are Montana Sky and Clouds - appropriate, no? Streaks of gray cut through the blue sky, but there is more blue than gray, to remind us of the bright times to come. The shaping creates a triangular shawl that's more V shaped than anything, with corners that wrap easily around the shoulders to stay in place. And it doesn't just help the person you give it to - it helps you too! Studies have shown time and again how crocheting improves our mental health, making this an excellent way to help others while you help yourself. You can wear the Big Sky shawl across the shoulders as a standard shawl, or wrapped around the neck with the point in front - either way, the optional tassels on the points help keep it where you put it. It's only 20 rows long (plus a couple rounds for the border), so you can whip one up in a just a few evenings.