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The Dude Hat

It's finally here! After many requests for a coordinating hat to match The Dude Scarf, check out this slouchy Dude Hat for your favorite dude! Can be customized in any colors you like.

The Dude Hat

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How To Cinch A Slouchy Hat Closed

"Over the years, slouchy hats have become one of my favorite projects to crochet. They are fun to wear, gift, donate, and sell! I prefer to crochet my slouchy hats from the bottom-up, and in this tutorial I’m going to share how to cinch a bottom-up slouchy hat closed. This simple tutorial will help make your hats slouchier and cozier. I’ll share how to cinch a crochet slouchy hat closed in five easy steps… and one of the steps is optional, and the other one you have to do anyway to finish your project. It’s that easy!"How To Cinch A Slouchy Hat Closed

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Dragonfly Slouchy

The Dragonfly Slouchy in the pictures below was created by the very talented Maria Bittner. It is a thin slouch decorated with voided-out dragonfly patterns that give it a lacy flair. Moreover, they’re great for ventilation, so this thick-ish slouch won’t be too hot.Dragonfly Slouchy

Photos by Maria Bittner /

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The Best Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern For Beginners

You can wear a crochet hat on your head and still look stylish and cool and this slouchy hat is the proof. The pretty and stylish hat is made out of the velvet yarn and can be adorned both by the boys and girls. So you can make this hat for your college-going boys and girls. Free pattern here!

The Best Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern For BeginnersTutorial: sweeteverlyb

Ups and Downs Slouchy Beanie

If you’ve never tried making a slouchy beanie before, you really have to give it a go! This beautiful piece by Tamara Kelly in the pictures below is such a gorgeous pattern, that’s super easy to make and will make sure you’re super warm and cozy all winter long!Ups and Downs Slouchy Beanie

Photos by Tamara Kelly /

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Slouchy Crochet Hat for All Sizes

There are two basic types of simple crochet hat construction: the close-fitting beanie and the loose-fitting slouch hat. This free crochet pattern provides instructions for making the latter in any size. It closes with a drawstring, which means that even if you're guage is slightly off, the hat should fit. Adorn it with a button-centered flower or leave that part off if you want a simpler design.Slouchy Crochet Hat for All Sizes

Pattern: YT-Slouchy Hat by Emi Harrington, Ravelry