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Ear Savers

For Home

Meet the most useful thing you might come across today: crochet ear savers! My venture into crochet ear savers came about when my good friend was lamenting on Facebook at how uncomfortable the mask she had to wear at the hospital was on her poor ears. I felt bad for her and for my husband too. There are several ear saving solutions out there, but of course, a crochet version spoke to my heart! So quick and fun to make out of scraps and most importantly they make mask-wearing so much more comfortable!

Ear Savers

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Crochet Craft Face Mask Free Pattern

This crochet craft face mask is not virus proof but can surely give your vibes of being secure and safe. Also, the crochet face mask is going to keep you wall warm and cozy in the colder days. The best thing is that they are super easy and cheap to make so you can make a few and use them as gifts too. Details here!Crochet Craft Face Mask Free Pattern

Tutorial: entertainmentallday

Crochet Face Mask For Beginners

Now you can promote health and hygiene to your kids in a fun and cute way with this adorable crochet bunny face mask. Yes, the lovely mask is really cute in the pink color and the adorable bunny features and kids are going to love wearing them for sure. Details here!Crochet Face Mask For Beginners

Tutorial: crochet-kingdom

Quick and Easy Crochet Face Mask:

Make yourself protective from the pollen and dust with this quick and easy crochet face mask. The small and cute masks are easy to crochet in just like a few minutes. So you can make these masks for the whole family from kids to yourself, husband and the parents too. Also, these masks have the option to add fabric or tissue paper filters.Quick and Easy Crochet Face Mask:

Tutorial: youtube

Easy Crochet Face Mask For Beginners

If you are a crochet beginner then making these easy crochet face masks is the best thing to make and pass your time in this horrible virus situation. These handmade crochet face masks are going to provide you another layer of the protection over your medical mask and you should make them for the whole family.Easy Crochet Face Mask For Beginners

Tutorial: crochet-kingdom

Crochet Face Mask Cover-Up

We need to cover our faces while going out so making these crochet face masks cover-ups are the best way to do that. The colorful bunch of the yarn used to make this cover-up mask has really come out to look so interesting and cool. You can make these fun masks for everyone in the family with little changes in the sizes.Crochet Face Mask Cover-Up

Tutorial: okiegirlblingnthings