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Drawstring Lavender Sachet Favour Bag

If you have lavender in your garden or neighbourhood you will know how calming the smell can be. Every autumn after the bees are finished, I harvest the lavender to make sachets for my wardrobe, linen closet and draws. This crochet pouch pattern was created to hold the dried lavender flowers. You could also use this small drawstring bag for favours or small gifts such as jewellery, maybe even a ring pouch for a wedding or even a coin purse! The beginners project, which includes a photo tutorial, uses a small amount of yarn for a huge number of functions!

Drawstring Lavender Sachet Favour Bag

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Rainbow Purse and Pouch Free Crochet Pattern

"Make either a mini kiss clasp coin purse, or a drawstring pouch, with this free Rainbow Purse and Pouch crochet pattern! The finished coin purse or pouch measures approximately 2.5” high by 3” wide, with an opening of 2” in diameter. I have used Drops Paris and Rico Essential Cotton Aran/Worsted weight yarn, with a 4.5mm hook. You can use any Aran/Worsted weight yarn, but I would recommend using cotton for sturdiness and durability. Exact gauge isn’t too important. Just keep your stitches compact to avoid large gaps in your finished purse."Rainbow Purse and Pouch Free Crochet Pattern

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Classic Coin Purse

"This Classic Coin Purse crochet pattern also includes a tutorial on how to sew a kiss clasp to a crocheted piece. I hope you love the vintage vibe as much as I do! Make one of these for each special person in your life with this easy-to-follow pattern. I am in love with the vibe these vintage kiss clasps are putting off. The little lotus beads are just to die for when paired with a similar colored yarn!"Classic Coin Purse

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Rainy-sunny Coin Purse

"This Crochet Rainy-Sunny Coin Purse was really pure crochet fun. When I started crocheting it, the plan was to attach it to a little bag clasp. However, after a few rows, I realized it was turning out way too big for the clasp. For a while, I totally abandoned this failed project. Then, on a cloudy and rainy day, both meteorologically and psychologically for me, I picked it up again and turned it into something completely different. The day stayed cloudy but my mood definitely improved! I hope this little crochet project will bring some sun into your day as well."Rainy-sunny Coin Purse

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One Hour Coin Purse

If you have an hour to spare, work up this One Hour Coin Purse for all of your spare change. This would be an awesome piece to work up and keep in your car. It could be used to stash and organize all the spare change you have lying around for parking. This free crochet pattern would be a great addition to your laundromat visits, as well. Everyone needs a place to keep their quarters.One Hour Coin Purse

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