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Color Wheel Blanket Crochet Pattern

The color wheel blanket is a festivity of color! You can choose your own color scheme or go wild with all the leftovers you still have. Either way, you'll have a wonderful blanket to show for all the hard work. Stitches used in this pattern are chain, slip stitch, bobble stitch, double crochet 4 together, and double crochet. The motifs measure approximately 13 cm when joined, so you can make the blanket pretty much any size you want. For this blanket I came up with a semi-randomized color sequence to get that great rainbow feel, which I highly recommend trying.

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Color Wheel Blanket Crochet Pattern

Crochet Diamond Bobble Pattern

"I love using bobbles to create shapes and patterns, they look great using one color yarn or using multiple colors. They are also reversible and you can push them on either side of the pattern. How do you crochet the diamond bobble pattern? The diamond bobble stitch is a crochet pattern constructed with double crochet and bobble stitches evenly spaced out to form a seamless grid pattern of diagonal stripes. I did a tutorial on how to crochet the bobble stitch before, but today I will show you how to create a treble bobble and how to use it to create the diamond bobble pattern."Crochet Diamond Bobble Pattern

Wild Jasmine Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

It is a very beautiful and fast crochet pattern. It is a perfect pattern for decorating the home. The pattern has been combined with interesting squares. This is a free pattern. You can start crocheting now.

Squares can be made in any colors. The combination of several colored squares looks great. This pattern is very relaxing and pleasant. You will spend many nice moments with him. Suggested yarn for the project is Stylecraft Special Double Knit. The pattern is huge. Total size is 100cmx120cm. You can zoom in or out. Good luck!

Wild Jasmine Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Wild Jasmine Blanket Free Crochet Pattern is here

White Lily Blanket Crochet Pattern

This White Lily Blanket is made of triangular motifs, which, after joining, create a spectacular 3-D geometric pattern full of texture and volume. The motifs are joined as you go while crocheting the last round making finishing a breeze!

The size of the blanket is easily adjustable and the triangular motifs allow for many shape and project options. The motifs can be also used to make coasters, potholders, pillow covers, or chair cushions, and even baskets.

White Lily Blanket Crochet Pattern

Catherine’s Wheel Waves Free Crochet Patterns

However, this next Catherine’s wheel stitch blanket is a totally different approach and shows off that this stitch is not a one trick pony, and that it can be used in a great variety of projects.Catherine’s Wheel Waves Free Crochet Patterns

The full article about this pattern is here:

Catherine’s Wheel Waves

More info about project photographed made by Crown Point Crochet here.

Crochet Rainbow Blanket

Is there anything that will bright up your day more than a rainbow blanket? I think not! This crochet blanket is so much fun and easy to make. Simply cast on, get into the groove of the pattern and cast off when you feel your blanket is long enough. For this rainbow blanket, simply use up scraps or buy some amazing colours especially for your project. I've depicted this crochet blanket as a rainbow blanket, but really... you can make this blanket in any colour scheme you like. Have fun!"Crochet Rainbow Blanket

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