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Crocheted Chevron Bedspread

In the Designer's Words: Zigzags are perennial favorites with crocheters. This bed-sized blanket stitched in a soothing woodland palette features chevron stripes of varying widths to keep things interesting. Feel free to design a different color palette to match your boudoir!

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Crocheted Chevron Bedspread

Soothing Stripes Blanket Crochet Pattern

Soothing Stripes Blanket Crochet PatternThis Soothing Stripes Blanket is the perfect project for anyone from beginner to pro crocheter who enjoys the soothing mindfulness that the craft can bring.

It uses the simplest of crochet stitches in a front and back loop combination to get the most wonderful textured blanket to keep little ones (or even big ones) cozy and warm.

Woodland Bear Granny Square

"This granny square is part of the Woodland Afghan Series. This woodland bear is worked in rows then worked around the main body to complete the legs, head, and back. It is completed using HDC, SC, and slip stitches. This square is perfect to use for any sized afghan. Used on its own or with the other Woodland Afghan Series granny squares will make a beautiful blanket that will please Woodland themed lovers. Make as many or as little squares as you'd like to customize the size of your blanket."Woodland Bear Granny Square

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Crochet Woodland Deer Blanket Pattern

When we read that they also have a pattern for an adult-size woodland deer blanket, we knew we had to click the buy button!

Aside from how comfy and cozy this blanket looks, we are amazed by all the details the designer included in this deer blanket. The blanket is intricately done, and all the details are just too cute!

We’re pretty sure everyone will be impressed with how they designed the hood of this deer blanket, but have you seen the back part of it?

They even added a graphed tail and a few deer spots so the blanket won't look too plain when seen from behind.

A cute, comfy, and blanket, what more can you askCrochet Woodland Deer Blanket Pattern

Woodland Blanket CAL

  • Designed by: Lucy of Attic24

I love how the author chose earthy, fall colors for this version of the Woodland Blanket. The color palette reminds me of a walk on a sunny, autumn day, when orange leaves are falling down. You can make this blanket quite quickly. Also, make sure to consider incorporating this design into other projects, like sweaters and dresses!

Woodland Blanket CAL

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Elegant Sophie Universe Bedspread

Don't you think this elegant square bedspread looks familiar? It's Sophie Universe Blanket and I'm sure you have seen it before. This beautiful pattern shows how much you can do with a pattern by varying the colors and yarns. This beautiful blanket would be a masterful centerpiece of any bedroom, or simply a great cover to cozy up with on a cold winter's evening. It's just challenging enough to keep an advanced crocheter entertained, and just easy enough to get a beginner o up their game and advance in the craft. It's one of those patterns everyone has to try

Elegant Sophie Universe Bedspread