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Crochet Football Field Afghan Blanket Pattern

Want something big that definitely screams football? Some of the patterns in this list are football-themed but they can be too small for your preference. Well, here's one that's big enough and obviously related to football!

This huge 64 inches by 72 inches football afghan is the perfect pattern for you! If you feel cold while watching the games, you can cuddle with this to keep you warm. Also, you can use this as a blanket when you sleep to hopefully have some football-related dreams!

Get the Football Field in Afghan Pattern here

Crochet Football Field Afghan Blanket Pattern

Easy Football Field Crochet Blanket

"What kind of blanket do you make for a little boy who only likes the color green and really loves football? An Easy Football Field Crochet Blanket of course. I love to hear from people when they tell me how quickly they made their blankets or what colors they chose. This blanket yarn just makes it so, so easy to crochet projects. In fact, I have created many different patterns for Bernat Blanket Yarn Projects, so if you like how quickly you can make this Easy Football Field Crochet Blanket you should definitely see some of my other blankets!"Easy Football Field Crochet Blanket

Click here for the crochet pattern

Cuddle Up Dinosaur Blanket

The Cuddle Up Dinosaur Blanket features the corner to corner stitch and a roaring good time! Crochet one for your own little wild one with this crochet pattern on Moogly! With this pattern, it's all too easy to see the possibilities! Change up the colors, and you'll go from dino to Cuddle Up Dragon Blanket! Change up the spike colors, use color-changing yarn, your imagination is the limit. And it's a great accompaniment to the Cuddle Up Unicorn Blanket! I used the Corner to Corner or C2C stitch, aka the box stitch to create most of the pieces for this design. But if you're not a fan, don't fret! You can simply make the Body and Head with simple rows of double crochet, or your own chosen stitch. Just work to the dimensions for each piece given!

Cuddle Up Dinosaur Blanket

Unicorn Dreams Crochet Blanket Pattern

Little girls are crazier about unicorn patterns or decor in their rooms. Excite your little princess by crafting this beautiful unicorn dreams crochet blanket pattern. It would be a blast of fun and joy to work on this crochet blanket pattern quickly. Make this unicorn blanket pattern dreamier and softer with heavy-weight yarn. The creation of this blanket consists of double-stranded to get the perfect combination of colors.

Unicorn Dreams Crochet Blanket Pattern


Modern Double Crochet V-Stitch Chunky Blanket

This modern double crochet v-stitch chunky blanket is a wedding gift. I have had this Caron One Pound yarn in my stash for a while now. Thought it was time to get something made with it. The blanket had to be large enough to cover a queen sized bed. As you can see from the photo, it is large enough. Not too large though so that one or two people can snuggle under it. Additionally, this had to be warm enough to be the go-to blanket on our cold winter nights. Using two strands of yarn makes this a fun and chunky blanket. It also makes for a very warm blanket. I will miss having this cover me up while crocheting when it is below zero here this week. Brrrr. The double crochet stitch is a quick stitch to master and once the pattern is started, there is really little need to count. For me, this makes for a great crochet pattern to work on while watching movies. I think this is a great beginner stitch once you have mastered the double crochet stitch. It is always easy to see where you need to insert your hook in the previous row.

Modern Double Crochet V-Stitch Chunky Blanket Click here for the crochet pattern