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Terrific T-Rex Crochet Children’s Sweater Pattern

This sweet sweater keeps things simple, but adds a fun twist with a T-Rex motif that children will love. I hope you agree that it's a dino-mite design!

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Terrific T-Rex Crochet Children’s Sweater Pattern

Red Heart Boy’s Dino Crochet Sweater

Here is this red heart boy’s dino crochet sweater that will be your boy’s favorite for sure. Yes, the gorgeous red thick knit crochet sweater has a green dino appliqué to look just so catchy and cool. Also, this is going to be a great gift for the boys around you. Check out the details of this simple yet fun sweater right on the link here!Red Heart Boy’s Dino Crochet Sweateryarnspirations

Simple Cluster Crochet Sweater

"A simple crochet sweater in a box design made in gorgeous cluster like, textured fabric. You can use any DK yarn for this pattern! Pattern in sizes 2/3 years, 4/5 years, 6/7 years, 8/9 years, 10/12 years, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge The sweater design is a box sweater, straight box body and straight sleeves, nothing fancy! However, using this stitch combo the sweater is transformed into a gorgeous, everyday sweater that looks like it was really intricate to make! You can keep how easy it was a secret, up to you! Why not work up this sweater a long with my video tutorial! In the video I am making a 4/5 years, but the great thing is all sizes can follow along too. I will instruct you on what to do for your size as we go!"Simple Cluster Crochet Sweater

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Crochet Mermaid Tail for Babies and Children

An adorable crochet mermaid tail is the perfect choice for a baby's first costume or summer photos. As they get a little older, young children also enjoy playing dress-up with this type of outfit. This crochet pattern covers all of those bases, because it is available in eight sizes from newborn through approximately age 5.

There are two styles to the pattern. Most of them have a bikini top that matches the mermaid tail, which is fairly classic for this type of design. However, the smallest sizes comes as a one-piece with the faux bikini top attached, because this slips more easily over a fussy newborn to quickly take photos. It's a practical twist made by a smart designer.

The bikini tops for this pattern have a cute floral design. As a bonus, there is a matching floral crochet headband pattern for all ages.Crochet Mermaid Tail for Babies and Children

Crochet Mermaid Tail from Deborah O'Leary Patterns

Children's Houston Hoodie

The Children's Houston Hoodie is simple and easy sweater with optional hood and pockets! The kiddos in your life will love it! The Children’s Houston Hoodie comes in children's sizes 2-12! I used Knit Picks Brava Worsted for my son’s hoodie, however, you can use any #4 worsted weight yarn you'd like. The Children’s Houston Hoodie is a top down workup, with the sleeves and hood added at the end. Be sure to check out the Houston Hoodie in adult sizes too!

Children's Houston Hoodie

Baby Bear Sweater Free Crochet Pattern

This bear sweater is just so adorable. The sweater is soft and with the modern colour pallet used, its sure to be a hit. Its fun to crochet a sweet baby bear sweater for your little one with this Baby Bear Sweater Free Crochet Pattern. It features a Cardigan with bear ears. It crochets from the top down to the waist. With simplistic design and with sleeves being crocheted on after the main body is complete. This makes it pretty straight forward to crochet. Thanks Repeat Crafter Me for sharing this free pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy crocheting. BTY, you can buy one from here.Baby Bear Sweater Free Crochet Pattern

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Baby Bear Sweater

Children’s Pastel Stripes Sweater Crochet Pattern

"Children have a wild, creative imagination. Open their closet and it's full of bright beautiful colors and patterns. That's why I absolutely love this Pastel Stripe Sweater! It's so colorful and exciting that any child would love it! It's got a bold striped pattern in three alternating colors. Don't let this sweater fool you with its elaborate details. The best part about it is how easy it is to crochet. It's stitched in all over in double crochet, so this is a perfect project to work up while you're watching TV. You can zone out (as long as you're mindful of your color changes.)"Children’s Pastel Stripes Sweater Crochet Pattern

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Sweet as Candy Baby Bib

We can guarantee that there will be a chorus of aw's when the mother to be opens up your gift of this Sweet as Candy Baby Bib at her baby shower. The pastel colors of this bib and the soft yarn make it perfect for baby. Even if your little one is messy, you can easily throw this bib in the wash with the rest of his or her tiny clothes. Easy clean-up: what could a mother want more? You can make a bunch in different colors or stick to one of your favorites. You'll just love your baby in this sweet bib that will remind you of sweet tarts or smarties candy.

Sweet as Candy Baby Bib

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