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Cowboy Hat For Cats Crochet Pattern

This fun and quick crochet pattern creates a little cowboy hat, complete with ear holes, designed to fit your smaller four legged friends.

It requires only a small amount of yarn, making it an excellent remnant buster. The hats were designed to fit most average sized adult cats and extra small dog breeds, such as Chihuahuas.

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Cowboy Hat For Cats Crochet Pattern

Roxy's Bandana

"Super cute crochet bandana scarf pattern you can make for your four legged furry friends. The pattern is easy and fast to make taking less than an hour. It is suitable for even a complete beginner crocheter as it uses the ever so popular crochet granny stitch. The finished size of the dog's crochet bandana is completely adjustable for larger to smaller breeds. You start working at the bottom point of the bandana in corner to corner technique so you can make it as big or as small as you want to."Roxy's Bandana

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Small Pet Stripy Sweater Crochet Pattern

"This dog coat pattern is so cute and has two little holes for a dog’s front two legs. There's ribbed banding around the neckline too so it's extra comfy for the little fella. This crochet dog sweater pattern is made out of a super soft worsted weight yarn. The plymouth hot cakes are acrylic wool blends with built in color changes. All the color shifts without having to weave in all the ends. This is the perfect snuggly yarn for a crochet dog sweater. Crochet dog sweater patterns don't have to be intimidating. This little sweater is so easy to make and your dog will appreciate it so much during the colder months. You could even make it a little crochet dog hat to match."Small Pet Stripy Sweater Crochet Pattern

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Crochet Dog Bandana Pattern

There's something absolutely adorable about a dog wearing a bandana. I’m not normally a dog-wearing-clothes person, but even I have to admit that they look so stinking cute with a bandana. This pattern comes in 6 sizes so you can make one for yours or make a bunch to donate to dog shelters, too!

This crochet dog accessory is a fast and easy project that is fantastic for donating or gifting. You can make several from this crochet dog bandana pattern in different sizes to donate to dog (or cat!) shelters, crochet one as a gift for friends with dogs or one for your own pup!

Crochet Dog Bandana Pattern

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Pumpkin Face Crochet Dog Bandana

"This crochet Pumpkin Face dog bandana will make a beautiful Halloween accessory for your dog! This Pumpkin Face dog bandana is made as a collar that doesn't require buttons or tying up, you just slip it over your dog’s head! This bandana is designed for a large size dog. You can adapt it for any size by adjusting the collar size and bandana width. Finished Size: Fits a large sized dog. Collar circumference - 17”, bandana is about 9-1/4” from the neck to the bandana’s point. "Pumpkin Face Crochet Dog Bandana

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