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Crochet Quinn Blanket Pattern

Ready to win the baby shower? Try this free pattern for a beginner-friendly crochet baby blanket! This Quinn Blanket is constructed using a unique join-as-you-go method for double crochet stitches. Build your blanket with a planned color palette or try a little stash busting for a truly special afghan.

Crochet Quinn Blanket Pattern

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Planned Pooling Crochet Throw

This is a large throw/afghan that is made using the multi-sequence color pooling technique. Then a beautiful solid color border is added to really frame the beautiful argyle look of the throw. I love the soft shades of this super saver colorway combined with the matching solids. Once you get the hang of pooling and set up the number of color sequence repeats you want for the throw this blanket works up rather quickly. Choose any variegated pooling yarn and a coordinating solid and make a throw for yourself.

Planned Pooling Crochet Throw

Colorburst Granny Hexagon

Using different shades of blue, green and orange, you can work up this amazing Colorburst Granny Hexagon; you can choose your own crochet colors as well. The double crochet stitch is going to allow you to make these pretty hexagons. Here's the thing, you can join your hexagons to make a crocheted blanket one of two ways: you can join them once they're all complete or you can join as you go. The join-as-you-go method is discussed in the pattern as an easy method to choose. Either way, you're finished crocheted afghan is sure to look stunning and make heads turn when it's displayed in your home.Colorburst Granny Hexagon

Percy Baby Blanket Crochet pattern

"The Percy Pig baby blanket has been on my list for a while to do and i really love how the pattern has turned out with all those cute little piggy faces! It did take some time trying to get the ears and the nose right though mind you but after changing it a couple of times i am actually really happy how this turned out even though it ended up a lot bigger then what i originally planned! For this crochet filet blanket pattern i used Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran for the main part of the blanket in the color Paper White, this is a filet crochet blanket pattern meaning the crochet pattern is worked in double crochet stitches and chain spaces to create a design like this, this is quite an easy pattern to follow and i have added an extra bonus in the paid pattern that will make it much quicker to work up instead of reading the pattern line by line."Percy Baby Blanket Crochet pattern

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Billow Cable Easy Crochet Patchwork Blanket

This Billow Blanket is a stunning patchwork blanket crochet pattern that's quick easy and fun to crochet too! Constructed from 4 long rectangles of half double crochet stitches (2 of which have an optional easy crochet cable stitch running through them), you don't have lots of squares to join at the end, only a couple of long panels and you're done!

A wonderful piece of crochet home decor to add to your collection, a great yarn stash buster project and a beauty as a baby blanket too. The pattern includes a colour planning chart for you to plan ahead and customise yours to match your home and style perfectly.

Billow Cable Easy Crochet Patchwork Blanket

Christmas Snowflakes Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

Christmas Snowflakes Afghan Free Crochet PatternChristmas is just around the corner and I have a quick and easy blanket pattern for you to make this holiday season: Christmas Snowflakes Afghan. You can adjust the size of this afghan and turn it into a bed spread or baby blanket by simply crocheting more or fewer hexagons. For this pattern, I used the granny snowflake hexagon for the blanket and a modified version of the dot border. I designed the blanket using aran (worsted) yarn and so it works up in no time. Change the colors to match any theme or color palette.