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Lion Mane Fringed Scoodie Crochet Pattern

This Lion Mane Hood is a beautiful textural pattern, full of rich detailing that will set this piece apart from the others! Make yourself a super unique scoodie to rock this fall and winter. It can be worn a number of ways, wrapped around the neck twice, once, or let loose to dangle. The scarf ends can be made in two lengths, so its up to you how much fluff you're rocking!

Lion Mane Fringed Scoodie Crochet Pattern

Get the Pattern by Earth Tricks here

Granny’s Hood Crochet Scoodie Pattern

Granny's Hood is actually a scoodie: a scarf with an attached hood. The scarf is made with granny squares, and the hood is made with sides of 1/4 circle grannies, and granny squares down the center. Bright, happy, rainbow colors of yarn are used making this piece full of joy.

Due to the way the scoodie is constructed, it fits many sizes. The parts of the scoodie are joined using the join-as-you-go method, so there is no seaming. If you want the scarf to be longer or shorter, just add or subtract squares from the scarf section, it’s quite simple. Brighten up the white winter with Granny's Hood!

Granny’s Hood Crochet Scoodie Pattern

Get the Pattern by Jessie At Home here

Crochet Yoda Scoodie Pattern

Have you always felt like you belonged in a galaxy far, far away? Enlighten your spirit Jedi as Yoda with this Yoda Scoodie! Make with 3 skeins of super bulky yarn, this free crochet scoodie pattern works up nicely and allows option to be made as inifinity scarf or normal hanging scarf. Use with 10mm hook, a little bit of sewing required for ears.

Crochet Yoda Scoodie Pattern

Get the Pattern here

Earth-Space Crochet Baby Hat Free Pattern

You really get two crochet baby hat patterns in one. The more complex, and therefore more interesting, is the intended "Earth in Space" design. You add a tiny bit of surface embroidery to the body of the hat to create the illusion of stars. Then you learn how to make an Earth-inspired pom to go atop the hat. However, if you leave off those two details, you're left with the simpler version - a continuous spiral crochet hat pattern that you can work in any color to suit any baby.Earth-Space Crochet Baby Hat Free Pattern

Pattern: Earth in Space Crochet Hat by Neschof

Trenta Hood

"The Trenta Hood is big, warm, wooly, and a little whimsical! Simple stitches create great texture in this fun, free crochet pixie hat pattern on Moogly! The Trenta Hood is one size fits all teens and adults, and it's just so cozy. While the poms are optional, the added weight make it easy to wear this hood up or down as needed (and as the weather changes every 5 minutes…) - and they are simply fun! The stitch pattern for the Trenta Hood is made up of stitches you are likely very familiar with - only the basics! And there are helpful tutorials linked in the pattern for both the seaming and the edging."Trenta Hood

Click here for the crochet pattern