Free Crochet Pattern

Puff Stripes Baby Blanket

  • DESIGNED by Daisy Farm Crafts

Take a look at this gorgeous striped blankie by Daisy Farm Crafts. Isn’t it just beautiful? What’s more, it’s the perfect gift for a baby shower, because it’s so universal, delicate and soft! It definitely won’t irritate the subtle baby skin. The finished size is 27 in x 30 in, so it’s perfect for stroller  (stroller blanket size)

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Baby Sea Turtle Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by Mandy Huseth

Is there anything better that a blankie with turtles on it, that looks like the most beautiful, Caribbean beach? The wavy design is really easy to accomplish, and what’s more, it is so soft and delicate for the baby skin! 

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Crochet The Daisy Sampler Free Pattern

  • Designed by daisyknots

Wow, how gorgeous is this lovely throw by daisyknots? I love it, because or the amazing overlay mosaic and vibrant colors. What’s more, the body is worked in rows and the borders are worked in rounds. In other words, it’s quite friendly for beginners. However I’m sure more advanced crocheters will also have lots of fun with this project.

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Bobbles and Stripes Granny Square Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

  • DESIGNED by Maria’s Blue Crayon

Bobbles, zig-zags and stripes – if I was told that it’s a good combination, I would ask if it isn’t too much? But now I am confident that this design proves me wrong! Bobbles and Stripes Granny Square Blanket look totally amazing and will look perfect in your baby’s room.

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Jasmine Ripple Blanket

  • Designed by Mary Onorati

This simple and classic ripple blanket was made by Mary Onorati. It’s a lovely blankie made with jasmine stitch with a very subtle ripple design. You can use the written pattern as well as the video tutorial. It’s a great stroller blankie, that’s easily customizable. The finished size is 30×36″.

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Ripple Granny Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

  • Designed by marifu6a

This fun, delicate blankie won’t irritate the delicate baby skin. Therefore it’s a must have in every parents closet! Above all, it’s going to be a gorgeous idea for a gift for a baby shower, birthday and similar occasions. I can imagine how beautiful it’s going to look in your living room!

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The full tutorial about this pattern is here. More info on ravelry is here.