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Crochet Doggie Hat Pattern

This pattern is for a super cute and cozy crochet hat for any large-szied pup. This hat features ear holes, ear flaps, and a cute pom pom on top. Perfect for photo props, gift-giving, and for keeping your pet warm and stylish!

Crochet Doggie Hat Pattern

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Red Heart Doggie Deer Snood

For our dear fur moms, dress up your little ones with this adorable Doggie Deer Snood!

Whether you're making your little one the main subject of your photoshoot or just want him to look good whenever you take your afternoon walks, this deer snood is perfect for him!

It comes in four sizes so we're pretty sure your pet will fit in it.

To create a soft and comfy garment for your fur baby, you'll be using the Red Heart Soft Yarn. It comes in a wide range of colors, but it is best to pick the color that will look best on your dog.

Show your little doggie how much you appreciate him by working on this Red Hear Doggie Snood Crochet Deer Pattern!

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Red Heart Doggie Deer Snood

Bespoke Doggie Jumper

When you're making a new, cute jumper for yourself, don't forget to make one for your furry friends as well! Take a look at the pictures below and fall in love with these simple and super warm doggie jumpers, that will provide your dog with extra layer of warmth and coziness this upcoming winter.Bespoke Doggie Jumper

PHOTOS by Eleanor Green /

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Small Pet Stripy Sweater Crochet Pattern

"This dog coat pattern is so cute and has two little holes for a dog’s front two legs. There's ribbed banding around the neckline too so it's extra comfy for the little fella. This crochet dog sweater pattern is made out of a super soft worsted weight yarn. The plymouth hot cakes are acrylic wool blends with built in color changes. All the color shifts without having to weave in all the ends. This is the perfect snuggly yarn for a crochet dog sweater. Crochet dog sweater patterns don't have to be intimidating. This little sweater is so easy to make and your dog will appreciate it so much during the colder months. You could even make it a little crochet dog hat to match."Small Pet Stripy Sweater Crochet Pattern

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Unique Crochet Sweater Pattern - “Doggie Coats” By Canine Kids

This crochet dog coat is something a little different with a bit of flare and wow factor. Great style for small to medium dogs.Unique Crochet Sweater Pattern - “Doggie Coats” By Canine Kids

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Block Stitch Pet Bandana

"Apologies in advance... I couldn't decide which photo worked best so you're getting them all! Tyson was such a great model for me! Best part, he actually enjoyed wearing it! Try out this quick project to accessorize your little pupper! It worked up in about an hour for me (and I'm pretty sure I have the largest doggy everrrrrrr....) but should be much quicker depending on the size of your furry friend. Great for cats also! Try it out and let me know what you think."Block Stitch Pet Bandana

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Hand Crocheting Multicoloured Pet Bed Pattern

How cute is this multi-coloured cat bed. Your cat will love napping in this soft basket-shaped bed. This is an intermediate level crochet pattern. The completed cat bed will measure about 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter by 8 inches (20 cm) tall. Included in the download are the pattern and a video tutorial.

Hand Crocheting Multicoloured Pet Bed Pattern

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Crochet Fur Trimmed Pet Sweater Pattern

As if your cats don't have enough fur of their own already, this pattern suggests dressing them in more. Try pairing the fur with wound yarn to give this little sweater some contrast and really make the fur edges stand out.

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Crochet Fur Trimmed Pet Sweater Pattern