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Craft Crochet Button Pattern

Appliques and Decors

These cute crochet buttons are really easy to make, work up in a couple of minutes and you get all the flexibility to choose your colors. Plus, it's a great scrap yarn project to use up these tiny little leftovers of yarn (you only need 3m for one crocheted button).

Craft Crochet Button Pattern

Get the Pattern by Knitting With Chopsticks here

Teeny Tiny Flowers Free Crochet Pattern

Everything has its place-big flowers dolook great on sunhats, of course, but sometimes you need something a little more moderate or delicate. These Teeny Tiny Flowers have that cute, miniature appeal without losing any personality. Built from basic crochet stitches, these crochet flower patterns will be quick and easy to work up. The yarn you use will determine just how tiny these simple flower designs will turn out, with DK wool producing the tiniest of tiny crochet flowers. These are great little projects to work on during some down time to keep your fingers busy, and they will be a wonderful way to bring nature-inspired designs into your life.Teeny Tiny Flowers Free Crochet Pattern

Three Tiny Crochet Cactus Patterns (All Free)

The next three crochet cactus patterns in this round up might look a little familiar. After all, these are the same three cacti that we saw above-an armless young saguaro, a prickly pear, and a barrel cactus. However, the crochet patterns are completely different.

These crochet patterns are tiny. These are particularly great if you want to:

  • Quickly complete an instant gratification project or last minute gift
  • Use up small bundles of yarn, especially if you have green in your stash
  • Want to make a cactus keychain or magnet

Although they are small, these crochet cactus patterns pack a big punch. In addition to single crochet, you'll get the opportunity to use double crochet. Plus you'll get to use both sc and dc post stitches. Not to mention, the added flower on top of each little crochet cactus is the perfect pop of color.Three Tiny Crochet Cactus Patterns (All Free)

Tiny Petunia Flower Free Crochet Pattern

"How To Crochet A Tiny Petunia Flower I wanted to create a flower tiara for Petunia the Pig Lovey a couple of weeks ago (pattern comming soon) and I needed them to be really small but still have the bell shape of a petunia flower (because my little piggy lovey was called Petunia). I tweaked the pattern a few times, I changed the hook size and finally came out with this cute petunia mini flowers. They are really tiny, but you can change the hook size or yarn weight to make them bigger to fit your project. Use these petunia mini flowers as you like, I think they will look great on a hat or as earrings."Tiny Petunia Flower Free Crochet Pattern

Teeny Tiny Crochet Flowers

Teeny Tiny Crochet FlowersPractice your crochet skills by working on these teeny tiny crochet flowers. You can make these flowers in different sizes and colors according to your decor needs. Use craft yarn or thread for making these flowers. Reuse pearls or beads from your sewing supplies to make these tiny flowers more enchanting for others. Download the free pattern for crafting teeny flowers with a 2.00 mm yarn needle.

Free Crochet Buttons Pattern by My Hobby Is Crochet

Crochet buttons are fun and easy projects that you can make from scraps of yarn. Here are more cute variety of crocheted buttons you can make. Bring new life to your clothes and bags with this crochet button pattern.

Free Crochet Buttons Pattern by My Hobby Is Crochet