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Crochet Strawbebi Headscarf Pattern

This Strawbebi Headscarf is a triangular scarf with ribbon-like ties. You could also make this without the strawberry appliques, add your own appliques, or customize your colors to make other fruits - blueberries, pineberries, tomatoes, etc. There is plenty of room for customization!

Crochet Strawbebi Headscarf Pattern

Get the Pattern by By Red Bean here

Lacy Head Scarf Bandana Crochet Pattern

This boho/romantic style crochet headscarf has been designed for fingering weight cotton. The headscarf has built in ties and works with long or short hair - such a pretty addition to any outfit!

Lacy Head Scarf Bandana Crochet Pattern

Get the Pattern by Lulu Loves UK here

Crochet Strawberry Bandana Pattern

If you or if you know someone who lovs strawberry patterns, these Strawberry Bandana is perfect for you to make! You can change the colors to make the strawberries any color you'd like (make the strawberries into pineapples or carrots by using yellow or orange)!

Crochet Strawberry Bandana Pattern

Get the Pattern by Punk Crochetier here

Tahoe Bean Stitch Twisted Headband Free Crochet Pattern

"Do you have some velvet yarn and want to make a headband? Or do you want a good excuse to run to the store and buy some velvet yarn? The Tahoe Bean Stitch Twisted Headband Crochet Pattern is PERFECT for using that gorgeous chenille yarn you've had your eye on. You're first going to crochet a long rectangle and when you're done with that, you'll do some clever folding, a small bit of sewing and presto!"Tahoe Bean Stitch Twisted Headband Free Crochet Pattern

Click here for the crochet pattern

Bean Stitch Beanie

We all love beans and now we are surely going to fall in love with these bean stitch beanie hats too. The gorgeous bean stitch is adding so much to the beauty and style of the hat and making it look so pretty and cool. Also, the pom pom ball at the end is adding so much to its beauty and appeal. Details here!Bean Stitch Beanie

Tutorial: cookiesnobcrochet

Crochet Ponytail Hat With Ties

This ponytail hat from Crochet by Jennifer has a bonnet styling with braided ties. Perfect for intermediate crocheters, the main body of the hat features a basket weave stitch pattern. It also comes in a few sizes, like all the hats in Jennifer's shop. Be sure to look through her extensive collection!Crochet Ponytail Hat With Ties

Basket Weave Ponytail Hat Pattern, $6, Crochet by Jennifer