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Crochet Eyelet Striped Blanket Pattern

Afghans and Blankets

Crochet Eyelet Striped Blanket PatternThis comforting crochet blanket is a wonderful way to infuse the nursery with color and warmth. Stitched in 3 coordinating shades, this pattern is a great way to practice the single crochet and chain stitches that bring life to a delicate eyelet design.

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Vintage Nursery Blanket

The Vintage Nursery Blanket is a a great on the go summer project. Make each 12 inch square separately and then seam them all together in your favorite way,to make an elegant retro blanket. This project uses elements of Tunisian and regular crochet. Learn the basic Tunisian Knit stitch along with double and single crochet stitches. The model blanket was made with a vintage baby yarn but you can substitute any baby sport yarn to make this blanket all your own.

Vintage Nursery Blanket

Oceanic Baby Blanket

Oceanic Baby BlanketThe calming blue colors and the subtle striped shell design of this Oceanic Baby Blanket will definitely add a soothing and comforting feel to any baby nursery. Whether you have a baby boy or baby girl, this ocean-inspired crochet afghan pattern is a perfect gender-neutral crochet design to make. Feel free to mix up the colors, or even use a single color yarn to crochet this crocheted afghan. There are 10 different sizes available to choose from in this free crochet baby blanket pattern.

Falling In Striped Crochet Blanket Pattern

Falling In Striped Crochet Blanket PatternAre you looking for a unique striped crochet blanket to make? If so, the Falling In Striped Blanket is the one you’ve been searching for. It uses one simple stitch and two yarn colors to create a one-of-a-kind blanket that has beautiful cascading stripes.

This striped design has a waterfall effect that uses a simple stitch and yarn color change which is prefect for any level of crocheter.

Ever So Striped Super Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

Ever So Striped Super Easy Crochet Baby BlanketAdorable babies just seem to inspire hand-made, personal crochet projects, and the Ever So Striped Easy Crochet Baby Blanket is the perfect pattern to get you ready to snuggle your little one. The salmon and blue tones of the stripes pop against the white, and the bumpy texture is exactly what you think of when you picture a warm blanket. The best part about this crochet pattern is that it only uses two different crochet stitches, so it is ideal for a beginner. Crochet baby blankets make great baby shower gifts, or you can work on it while your own peanut is on the way. Once you get started, it will definitely prepare you for all the many crochet accessories begging to add to your baby's cuteness.

Glorious Springtime Blanket Crochet Pattern

"The glorious springtime blanket is another version of the new springtime soft shells crochet blanket pattern. Change up the crochet edge to create a completely different look. This pattern also uses two versions of the v stitch to achieve a beautiful look and feel. This pattern is a four-row repeat to create the luxurious crochet pattern.Each row is starts with a Chainless starting stitch. For instance, use the Chainless Double Crochet rather than a Chain 3. Use the Chainless Single Crochet rather than a Chain 1.The foundational row uses the No Chain Double Crochet rather than a chain of stitches and row of double crochet. For your convenience, here is a video on the No Chain Double Crochet Stitch. Use Stitch Markers after each four-row repeat. This will help be able to tell what row pattern you are on when you pick your work back up. There are video tutorials to help with the entire crochet pattern."Glorious Springtime Blanket Crochet Pattern

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