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Oliver Octopus And Baby Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi and Toys

Oliver Octopus And Baby Crochet PatternThis pattern is a two-in-one! You can make a big octopus for yourself and a small one for a gift. These cephalopods are in a realistic style feature and feature detailed tentacles, complete with suckers!

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Emil, the Preemie Crochet Octopus

Meet Emil, the cute preemie octopus crochet pattern. Do you crochet for charity? Have you heard about preemie octopus before? They're cute little amigurumi octopus (or jellyfish) suffed toys. Yes, they are adorable but that's not all. Scientific research has shown they actually help preemies get better. “The purpose of the crocheted octopuses is to promote comfort and development for the pre-term babies while in the hospital. The tentacles of the soft octos mimic the feel of the umbilical cord in their tiny hands and have been found to soothe the babies and help prevent them from pulling on wires and tubes.” Octopus for a Preemie-US Project Ambassador Randi Palm of Lonsdale Emil is an easy, beginner-friendly plush crochet octopus pattern. Only single crochet stitches are used throughout the pattern. Guidelines on size and construction were followed to be sure you can donate your crochet octopus to charity.

Emil, the Preemie Crochet Octopus

Amigurumi Octopus

Amigurumi Octopus Make an adorable little octopus with long curly tentacles using this easy to follow pattern. You can easily add a small bow or flower to the head or even a little bowtie. The octopus is made in 2 pieces, the head is crocheted and then the tentacles are made in one piece that is then sewed onto the bottom of the head. Materials: 1 skein of Patons Grace yarn (Azure) Size 3.125 crochet hook Two 8mm safety eyes Embroidery needle Embroidery floss for the mouth Stuffing for the head

Cute Crochet Octopus Pattern

This adorable crochet octopus pattern has a head that's a little bit reminiscent of the cute ghosts in Pac-Man. Even without the tentacles, it's a great toy. Of course, you want to add the tentacles if you're donating them to heal preemies in the NICU, because that's the part that calms them most.

Cute Crochet Octopus Pattern

Baby Octopus for NICU Pattern, $3, Etsy