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Crochet Sea Life Book Pattern

Amigurumi and Toys

Crochet Sea Life Book PatternThis book has eight unique pages that present sea life and provide activities for toddlers. It’s an incredible, educational, and very special gift you can make for your sea-loving child.

Get the Pattern by SIRMA’s Magic here

Puff the Magic Stegosaurus African Flower Crochet Pattern

Puff the Magic Stegosaurus makes use of the African Flower hexagon crochet motif and variations thereof, joined in a specific order to make a recognizable 3D item. I love this African Flower pattern and the creative possibilities of using it to make 3D items.

Puff is an excellent stash buster project, as you only need to use very small amounts of leftover sock yarn to make a motif!

Puff the Magic Stegosaurus African Flower Crochet Pattern

Realistic Sea Anemones And Jellyfish

The goal of the non-profit organization ProyectoSub is to promote scientific knowledge about marine organisms and ecosystems. Activities include scientific research, outreach programs, citizen science and education. In @crochetpatagonia, we contribute to these goals by designing realistic crochet patterns of species from the Patagonian rocky reefs as a tool for science outreach. In book 1 of the series, you will find patterns for three species of sea anemones and one species of jellyfish. Learn more about them while crocheting these amazing organisms!

Realistic Sea Anemones And Jellyfish

Click here for the crochet pattern

Sea Turtle

Next, fantastic sea turtles definitely need a playful playmate. So, here is a turtle poking his head out from underneath the water looking to play with you.

Sea Turtle

Crochet Deer Amigurumi Pattern

Want a unique looking deer? Line this deer amigurumi pattern with the other crochet deer patterns and it will surely stand out!

As compared to the previous crochet deer patterns, this one looks more firm and more detailed. Did you see those perfectly shaped ears and those detailed limbs?

Even though this pattern is highly detailed, the pattern is intended for beginners. In fact, it has 24 pages of detailed instructions with high-quality pictures of the process.

Just like other amigurumi pieces, you have to know how to crochet in rounds and how to make a magic ring. As it is targetted for beginners, you'll only be using the basic stitches.

It is important to note, though, that the scarf is a knitted piece. If you are also a knitter, you'll be needing the purl and knit stitch for the scarf.

However, feel free to make a crochet scarf instead if you don't really knit.

Crochet Deer Amigurumi Pattern

Elf In A Present Sleeping Bag Crochet Pattern By Lau Loves Crochet

This pattern gives you several options: Firstly, your Elf can be made with his eyes open or closed. This item can be made as a toy just with the Elf in his present sleeping bag, or as a Christmas decoration.

If you opt to make him as a decoration, you can attach the Elf to a wreath, or attach his sleeping bag to the wreath and still be able to remove the Elf!Elf In A Present Sleeping Bag Crochet Pattern By Lau Loves Crochet

Get the Pattern by Lau Loves Crochet here