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Sidney, The Giant Squid Crochet Pattern

Sidney, The Giant Squid Crochet PatternDive deep down into the ocean with Sidney, the Giant Squid. This realistic large crochet animal has lifelike features, such as 8 arms, 2 extra-long tentacles, and large eyes; it will have you wanting to go on endless adventures with it.

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Percy, The Squid Amigurumi Pattern

Percy, The Squid Amigurumi PatternDid you know that cephalopods are the most intelligent invertebrates and their eyes are comparable to human eyes? With Percy's great big eyes and with so many arms to hold when going on an adventure, your kids will adore this quirky cephalopod.

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Squid Squish Free Crochet Pattern

This squish is so fluffy and cuddly, that your kiddo will absolutely love it, I'm sure of that! Super sweet gift for an upcoming birthday party - you'll work it up in almost no time and the result is, as you can see, pretty incredible!

Squid Squish Free Crochet PatternThe full article about the free pattern and the photos are here. More info on raverly can be found here.