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Crochet All-In-One Lego Blanket Pattern

Afghans and Blankets

Crochet All-In-One Lego Blanket PatternIf you’re not a fan of making loads of individual blocks to be joined together, this is just the right pattern for you! In this pattern, you will find two ways of making the blanket; either truly all-in-one or, if you want to have isolated color blocks, a pattern for long strips of blocks to join later(that can be done as you go along).

Get the Pattern by Sarah Irving here

Crochet Lego Blanket Pattern

Crochet Lego Blanket PatternThese Lego blocks are really popular. Using the bobble stitch, you can make an adorable crochet blanket for yourself or a child - just whip up these motifs in varying colors and stitch them together!

Lego Baby Blanket Pattern

Lego Baby Blanket PatternThis week, I have a fun and colorful crochet blanket pattern to share with you. I used a crochet Lego blanket pattern to make my little nephew his dream blanket and I'm so happy to finally show you how it turned out. This is an awesome pattern if you prefer to work in smaller blocks and join those pieces together for a finished blanket, which I sometimes find easier than working with a lot of stitches at once.

Crochet Lego Block Blanket Pattern

Crochet Lego Block Blanket PatternThis pattern includes instructions and chart to make a 3D block blanket. This pattern can be adapted for various sizing, and includes instructions for baby blanket and throw sizes.

Feather and Fan Baby Blanket

Baby blanket crochet patterns are one of the best options when it comes down to trying to pick a handmade gift for a special little one. This Feather and Fan Baby Blanket creates a phenomenal striped wave pattern that uses the straightforward foundation single crochet stitch. Fan-like sections of tight stitches offset with looser open stitches make up the individual rows. If there was a color scheme that could inspire you to hug, it would be this warm mint and gray combination. Lucky for you and the young one, you will have no problem working up this easy crochet baby blanket.

Feather and Fan Baby Blanket

Colorburst Granny Hexagon

Using different shades of blue, green and orange, you can work up this amazing Colorburst Granny Hexagon; you can choose your own crochet colors as well. The double crochet stitch is going to allow you to make these pretty hexagons. Here's the thing, you can join your hexagons to make a crocheted blanket one of two ways: you can join them once they're all complete or you can join as you go. The join-as-you-go method is discussed in the pattern as an easy method to choose. Either way, you're finished crocheted afghan is sure to look stunning and make heads turn when it's displayed in your home.Colorburst Granny Hexagon