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Flight Of The Dragonfly Crochet Blanket Pattern

Flight Of The Dragonfly Crochet Blanket PatternDragonflies are always a reminder of summer day trips. This lovely crochet blanket features a dragonfly design, bobbles stitches, and a nice “fluffy” border.

This Flight of the Dragonfly Blanket will be a very pretty throw to make you cozy during summer nights.

This blanket crochet pattern is very easy to follow and the blanket grows up quickly!

Get the Pattern by Auburn Craft here

Diagonal Dragonflies Throw

Diagonal Dragonflies ThrowI received a special request to turn the popular dragonfly stitch into a corner-to-corner blanket. I thought it would be a simple task, but getting the spacing right turned out to be quite a challenge. It was a fun challenge though, and I'm so pleased with the final result!

Dragonfly Throw

Dragonfly ThrowThe Dragonfly Throw is as vibrant as its namesake, with brilliant purple and pink stripes playing off of each other. This easy crochet blanket creates a unique pattern that really does look like a dragonfly, but it does so in a way that is possible for any crocheter to complete. Worked in rounds, the center will seem like it is releasing these beautiful creatures to fly into your arms. This throw would give your armchair a touch of elegance, or it would be a great finishing touch to the end of a bed. With these colors and spectacular design, the possibilities are endless.

Bunches of Bobbles Blanket

The free Bunches of Bobbles Blanket pattern makes a gorgeous crochet baby blanket - or throw, afghan, or bedspread! It's modern, unisex, and features a unique border you'll want to apply to future projects too! I really enjoyed making this blanket - and coming up with a border design that would compliment the 3D aspect of the bobbles, without distracting from them - and I think I've hit the mark! While I made this blanket baby sized, I've included the stitch count along with info on how to create your own custom size!

Bunches of Bobbles Blanket

Cozy Cotton Crochet Throw

From the blogger: Crochet a cozy cotton throw for the summer time with this easy pattern! This beautiful crochet throw would look cute in any room of the house or use it as a cover up during those chilly summer nights. The cozy cotton throw is made using a simple one stitch repeat and can be made in a day. Grab your favorite soft cotton yarn or any other worsted weight yarn and get ready to make this crochet throw. It's sure to become a family favorite!

Cozy Cotton Crochet Throw

Dragonfly Crochet Blanket Pattern

Get all the beautiful colors and hues of fall in your room with this dragonfly crochet blanket pattern. You can make these colorful blanket patterns for elders and kids. Make this dragonfly crochet blanket pattern more attractive by lettering the alphabet of your kid’s name. Elders and kids will surely adore and appreciate your effort in working on this blanket pattern. To make this patterned blanker more accurate, draw or print the dragonfly using the software.

Dragonfly Crochet Blanket Pattern