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Chunky Sullivan Crochet Scarf Pattern

Chunky Sullivan Crochet Scarf PatternSnow tomorrow, scarf today. So much drama with so little effort! You can crochet this Sullivan Scarf in about the time it takes to unearth the winter coats and boots, and before you know it, you’ve made a very big statement!

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Snow Bear Hooded Scarf

This Snow Bear Hooded Scarf is an adorable crochet scarf pattern for any adult or teenager. The scarf can be worn around the neck while the bear design can be worn as a hood. This is a great pattern for beginners. Stay nice and warm this winter season without sacrificing a bit of style. This particular crocheted scarf pattern looks just like something you would buy at the mall, so save your pennies and make your very own version!

Snow Bear Hooded Scarf

Big Sky Shawl

Big Sky ShawlLife is often hard, and even the clearest skies have clouds sometimes. And as crocheters, we can make it better. One way is by making prayer or comfort shawls for those who need an extra hug, and to feel our love. The Big Sky Shawl was designed with this idea in mind - while maintaining a sense of style. The Big Sky Shawl is made with Lion Brand Homespun, a favorite yarn for those crafting for others. It's warm, soft, and the yarn creates the texture - which means simple stitches shine. And the Big Sky Shawl does indeed use simple stitches, so almost anyone can make this easy crochet prayer shawl pattern! The colors I used for the Big Sky Shawl are Montana Sky and Clouds - appropriate, no? Streaks of gray cut through the blue sky, but there is more blue than gray, to remind us of the bright times to come. The shaping creates a triangular shawl that's more V shaped than anything, with corners that wrap easily around the shoulders to stay in place. And it doesn't just help the person you give it to - it helps you too! Studies have shown time and again how crocheting improves our mental health, making this an excellent way to help others while you help yourself. You can wear the Big Sky shawl across the shoulders as a standard shawl, or wrapped around the neck with the point in front - either way, the optional tassels on the points help keep it where you put it. It's only 20 rows long (plus a couple rounds for the border), so you can whip one up in a just a few evenings.

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Angelic Winter Scarf

Make sure you have the Angelic Winter Scarf done before the weather turns cold! The best thing about this crochet scarf pattern is that it can be worked up in just a weekend or less. It's the perfect pattern to add to your winter wardrobe this year. You will feel like a snow angel every time you wear it.

This stylish winter scarf is made using white DK weight yarn, and it will keep you warm and stylish all season long.

Angelic Winter Scarf

Chunky Crochet Scarf

Learn how to crochet a chunky scarf pattern using three strands of yarn and a big crochet hook. This scarf works up quick and easy with tons of ways to make yours unique. This is a fun way to learn how to make a scarf.

ViaOne Mama’s Daily DramaChunky Crochet Scarf

Chunky Crochet Jacmel Scarf Pattern

Chunky Crochet Jacmel Scarf PatternThis Jacmel Scarf is a great big deal that’s no big deal to whip up. It is high-impact, high-volume, high-drama, and high-reward—as both a presence and a present!

Consider its supersize comfort and coziness a secret-weapon for the season: Who doesn’t want a warm, fuzzy force field to take on chilly walks, unpleasant commutes, and complicated relatives?

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