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Hexagon Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

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Hexagon Baby Blanket Crochet PatternBring this crochet blanket to life with individual hexagon motifs that are joined together as you work. Cheerful colors complete a cuddly blanket for your precious little one.

Love it as designed, or imagine a whole new colorway to accent the nursery. The pattern includes a helpful diagram to guide you with arrangement of motifs.

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Springtime Hexagon Blanket Crochet Pattern

If you're looking for a different crochet blanket pattern, then this Springtime Hexagon Blanket Crochet Pattern is the perfect project. This crochet quilt pattern is made up of numerous smaller crocheted hexagon pieces and then joined together to create a large blanket. Easily use this free crochet quilt pattern to make a unique, springtime home decoration or a new blanket pattern you haven't tried before. You can even have some friends help crochet the hexagons. Once you make all of the small hexagons, this blanket will come together in no time!

Springtime Hexagon Blanket Crochet Pattern

Girl’s Crochet Hexagon Blanket

Create a world of color with this vibrant Girl's Crochet Hexagon Blanket. This crochet afghan pattern would easily make any kid's bedroom so much cooler! If you're looking for a new crochet stitch to learn, use this pattern to find out how the post stitch works to create this colorful crochet throw. With such an easy pattern, you'll be amazed at how quickly this crochet hexagon blanket comes together once all the mini hexagons are completed. This free crochet blanket pattern is the perfect guide to making this glamorous pink and purple project!

Girl’s Crochet Hexagon Blanket

Granny stripe blanket diagram

Granny stripe blanket diagramGranny stripe blanket diagram

Brioche Crochet Hexagon Blanket Pattern

Brioche Crochet Hexagon Blanket PatternThis textured hexagon pattern is a very relaxing pattern but also something new and different to try and to learn. It’s created using brioche technique which creates not only an incredible effect but a thick texture as well. 

You can work a continuous any size hexagon or join the motifs to create blanket, sweater, bag, rug. 
The pattern requires at least two contrasting colors. It’s a perfect stash busting pattern!

Cheerful Ripple Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

Some of the most popular crochet blanket designs are striped designs, and a favorite variation on this is chevron striping. This free pattern showcases that classic design in bright, bold colors. It is called the Cheerful Ripple Blanket, and you will experience that cheer as soon as you begin to work on it. This is a project designed for fun!Cheerful Ripple Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

Cheerful Ripple Blanket from Adventures in Thread