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Modern Hexagon Chevron Crochet Pattern

Afghans and Blankets

Modern Hexagon Chevron Crochet PatternThis light and airy crochet blanket pattern has a modern hexagon + chevron design. With 4 sizes including a baby/stroller blanket size, lapghan or crib blanket size, queen size, and king size, you can crochet one for any part of your home.

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Bobble Stroller Blanket

Bobble Stroller BlanketThere are tons and tons of patterns for crib-sized blankets and receiving blankets, but I haven't seen many that are small stroller blankets. I wanted to make this Bobble Stroller Blanket for my cousin, and she's always on the go. She needed something small enough to grab and go, but that would still be big enough for her baby to use. This blanket is just the right size for taking with you, and unlike a lovey, it can actually be used as a blanket. Let's get into how to make this free crochet baby blanket pattern!

Lakeside Throw Blanket Crochet Pattern

Lakeside Throw Blanket Crochet PatternThis Lakeside Throw Blanket is stylish enough to leave out as a decor accent but cozy enough for when you need some time to rest and restore.

It just begs you to curl up for a while and indulge in a good book or movie. And best of all, it’s the perfect pattern for all crochet experience levels.

Crochet Peephole Chevron Lapghan Pattern

Using the classic chevron pattern, I designed this solid color lapghan that you can work up quickly and keep your lap warm when working at a desk or sitting in your favorite chair. It is also a wonderful pattern to work for someone who is in a wheelchair and doesn't need the full size afghan. I decided to use the peephole chevron stitch for this pattern because I wanted something with more drape and that felt a little more open. Since I was using one color and a super soft yarn, I wanted to have those peepholes in the pattern to give it a bit of interest.Crochet Peephole Chevron Lapghan Pattern

Diagonal Ripple Lapghan Free Crochet Pattern

Diagonal Ripple Lapghan Free Crochet PatternFor the Diagonal Ripple Lapghan, I modified the Diagonal Chevrons Lapghan pattern to create a different chevron or ripple look. Many crocheters love working the classic crochet ripple pattern in BLO to create a neat ridge effect so I gave it a whirl when working on the bias. If you love to work crochet blankets from corner-to-corner (also known as working on-the-bias) and you love crochet chevrons, then you will really enjoy this lapghan pattern.

Crocheted Crib Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

Make this Crocheted Crib Afghan for that special little one in your life. The colors and unique design of this beautiful crocheted afghan are unlike any other baby blanket pattern available. This free crochet pattern is for intermediate crocheters and is made with three sets of granny squares and three sets of crocheted shells in between, with picot edging.Crocheted Crib Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

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