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Done in a Day Baby Boy Crochet Blanket

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Done in a Day Baby Boy Crochet BlanketHave you always wanted to do something bigger than a scarf but have always been worried you won’t be able to finish it? Then, you should try making this blanket.

Get the Done in a Day Baby Blanket Pattern here

Seaside Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern

Keep your baby warm with this pleasant Seaside Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern. This free crochet baby blanket pattern is easy to make and the textured yarn pattern will provide durability if you decide to use it on-the-go. You can easily use this pattern to make a crochet baby shower gift for a newborn baby boy, or use the completed project to decorate your home. No matter what you use this crochet blanket pattern for, the bright blue and beige color scheme will make any space feel closer to the ocean!

Seaside Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern

Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Gift this baby boy crochet-pattern blanket to the new parents. Not only for the boy, but this blanket is also desirable for a baby girl. Use two-tone strands to customize this patterned blanket by yourself. This blanket creation involves the half-double crochet stitches. So, you can work on it efficiently and smoothly. This light grey blanket is an ideal and classy gift to give to the nursery.

Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Jagged Scrap Yarn Afghan

Jagged Scrap Yarn AfghanFor this project you will need: HOOK: 5 mm hook or size H hook for the US YARN: All the scrap yarn colors were worsted weight yarn 4 ply US, 10 ply AU Also the Off white color I used in between as well. I was able to get 10 rows of Off white before I had to change to a new skein. I used 2 and a 1/2 skeins of it, but I didn’t make a border. If you wish to, then I would grab a third. I didn’t want to use much of this color because it's a scrap yarn afghan and don't want you to have to go get more yarn. About the color pattern Since this pattern uses scrap yarn, I won't be telling you which colors to use. I used this color wheel to help me organize my color choices. I've never been a fan of the mixed color of scrap yarn afghans so I decided to do mine in a more organized fashion starting with my Maroons, Reds, Oranges, Browns, Yellows, Golds, Greens, Blues, Purples, Pinks and back to the beginning of the color list. Feel free to go with what feels right to you. This Jagged Scrap yarn afghan is made using a stitch I discovered while playing around with yarn. I don't know why all my discovered stitches mostly use two stitches to create and this one is no different. Lol. But other than the butterfly stitch this one is surely the most easiest one to recreate! Let me take you step by step on how to make this stitch so you can use it in making your own scrap yarn afghan to use up some of your left over wool.

Simple Rib Blanket Border

"This simple rib crochet blanket border is a great addition to any blanket. It is a very traditional looking border and can be worked on any blanket. Plus, it is an easy one-row repeat pattern. For this blanket, you will simply need an even stitch count around the entire blanket. Ideally, you should already have an even stitch count. Your top and bottom row should have matching stitch counts, your sides rows should have matching stitch counts and you will have four corners. Overall the stitch count should be even. But do not worry, I will show you in the video how to correct the stitch count if it is off for some reason."Simple Rib Blanket Border

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Cozy and Free Crochet Baby Boy Blanket Pattern

Cozy and Free Crochet Baby Boy Blanket PatternIf you’re having trouble looking for the perfect blanket for your newborn with sensitive skin, here’s a tip – choose one made with the softest merino or acrylic blend.

We included this baby blanket in this list of crochet baby boy blanket patterns because the suggested yarn for this crochet baby blanket pattern is meant for babies with sensitive skin.

The blanket is also machine washable for easy cleaning, since you’ll probably be doing that a lot because of your newborn.