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Bunny Parade Blanket

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Bunny Parade BlanketThis bunny blanket crochet baby blanket pattern features a family of adorable little bunnies. Since these bunnies are made separately, you can stitch them on the blanket and you can also add them to other items in your room!

It’s really easy to make, plus comes with step by step tutorials on how to make the blanket and how to make the bunnies.

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Parade Blanket Crochet Pansy Free Pattern

Worked in colorful join-as-you-go strips, this Pansy Parade Blanket looks like little rows of climbing pansy petals. Make it in any colors you wish and any yarn weight - bust your stash to suit your style. And easily make it any dimensions you want!

Parade Blanket Crochet Pansy Free Pattern

Crochet Bunny Blanket Free Pattern

These bunny blankets are so cute to set the tone for spring celebration and Easter season. The friendly bunnies in the design charm adults and kids alike. Every one of them is so beautiful with combination of bright colors. You can pick any one or multiple to make your own blankets with these Crochet Bunny Blanket Free Patterns. For the Easter bunny holiday afghan pattern, each block can be crocheted separately. You can use them to cover or decorate a piece of furniture in your home. They look nice draped over a chair or sofa in the main room of your home. They also make nice gifts for a newborn baby or young child who likes bunnies. Happy crocheting.Crochet Bunny Blanket Free Pattern

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Luv My Bunny Blanket

Baby Bunny Comforter Crochet Pattern

If you're looking for a sweet and creative design, this crochet bunny blanket buddy pattern is perfect for you. If you're having a hard time picturing this sweet little project, let me paint you a picture. Think of a little baby wrapped in the second cutest thing you've ever seen. This little blanket is perfect to keep your baby warm and give them a friend to hug on. The bunny comforter crochet pattern is a mix of a stuffed animal and blanket in the way it's constructed. The squares of the blanket are worked in the lemon peel stitch. Then, they're each trimmed with a decorative picot edging. And at the top, connecting all the little squares, is a crocheted bunny head worked in single crochets.

Baby Bunny Comforter Crochet Pattern

C2C Crochet Bunny Baby Blanket

This C2C Crochet Bunny Baby Blanket pattern is a soft, fun, gender neutral blanket that's perfect for adding character to a baby's room. It will also make for a wonderful welcome gift for a new baby. It is a relatively quick project to finish off since it uses a medium 6, super bulky yarn and the uses a repetitive technique. Even newbie corner to corner crocheters can make this blanket. Get your yarn and hooks ready. It is time to crochet.

C2C Crochet Bunny Baby Blanket

Hippo Lovey Pattern

"This adorable hippo lovey is a simple pattern that uses basic shapes and stitches. I sold these at my first craft fair a few months ago and they were a big hit, plus they're quick to work up. Unlike most loveys that crochet the blanket part and the plushie part separately and seam them together, I wanted to work the head and blanket in one piece and eliminate that extra step. I also found that it made the join much more secure since you never break the yarn. "Hippo Lovey Pattern

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