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Halloween Candy Bags

Halloween Candy BagsHalloween Candy Bags

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Halloween Candy Corn Bag

Even though I hate eating candy corn, I really wanted to make something else candy corn themed this year. With or without the cupcake applique on the front, this candy corn bag is perfect for trick-or-treating or handing out candy at your home. Or, if youre like me, its great for eating candy in between trick-or-treaters!

Halloween Candy Corn Bag

Valentine's Candy Bag

This Valentine's Candy Bag does not have to be used for Valentine's Day, it super cute and a useful little storage bag for all year around, as you can use leave of the hearts if you don't want hearts to be seen on the bag. Because it used the hdc in the back loop only, it I makes the bag very stretchable. You can stuff it with gifts, candy, or anything else you might want hide or store inside.

Valentine's Candy Bag

Crochet Mini Treat Bags

"This Crochet Mini Treat Bags are a great way to use up your scrap yarn. You can crochet these bags in no time at all.You can make your gift look special by gifting them in these gift bags.This bags are customizable. You can crochet them according to your gift size. Give them a nice finishing touch by adding a little charm.... button ...... a stain ribbon..beads ... or a flower applique!!!!T This is a beginner friendly pattern. Materials Used:- Eyelash Yarn 4mm Crochet Hook"Crochet Mini Treat Bags

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Simple Striped Tote Bag

It's that time of year again when I'm ready to break out the cotton yarn and make myself a dozen different crochet bags. After all, one can never have too many bags, especially tote bags! I consider tote bags to be a summer essential… who am I kidding? I use my crochet tote bags all year round. Why do I historically design new tote bags this time of year? I think it's because I'm being optimistic that, eventually, spring and summer will arrive here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Maybe it's my way of willing the warmer weather to come, or maybe I just love my growing collection of bags.

Simple Striped Tote Bag

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Crocheted Candy Bag

Kids will go crazy over this cute little Crocheted Candy Bag. It measures about 6 inches tall when complete, so it's just the right size for kids to tote around little candy and other tokens. A colorful drawstring ribbon adds a nice finishing touch and works to keep the contents secure. Use your favorite five colors of worsted weight yarn to work up this crocheted bag pattern. For an optional finishing touch, add a crocheted flower or other applique.Crocheted Candy Bag

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