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Snowbound Tassel Ruana

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Snowbound Tassel RuanaSnowbound Tassel Ruana

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Darla Ruana Free Crochet Pattern

"The Darla Ruana is an oversized ruana made with a larger hook and and a less fancy style stitch but still really elegant looking, basically without all the fuss of a fancy stitch. This stitch pattern is crocheted in vertical stripes using double crochet stitches with chain spaces in between which works up in no time. I wanted the ruana to turn out lighter and more drapey than a heavy fabric so this is why a size 8mm crochet hook was used with an aran yarn. An oversized ruana is a perfect piece to add for the colder months as you can just throw it on over a sweater or a long sleeved top and it will look great on but it is also great for the cooler summer evenings."Darla Ruana Free Crochet Pattern

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Denim Crochet Ruana

This crochet ruana pattern was designed to showcase the seven different colors of yarn in the Lion Brand Jeans yarn collection. It's made with a series of half double crochet rectangles. Some of them have bobbles on top, while others are left plain. The whole thing is cinched together with a simple crochet belt.Denim Crochet Ruana

Crochet Poncho With Tassel Detail

This crochet poncho would be perfect without any added detail thanks to the beautiful herringbone stitch used to make it. However, it's really elevated into a special piece precisely because of the attention to detail. A pink border of textured stitches gives a feminine flair. Add in some beaded tassels and you've got a date night poncho.Crochet Poncho With Tassel Detail

Patchwork Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Showcasing the seven classic colors of denim jeans, this cardigan poncho is a total showstopper. The patchwork aesthetic comes together to form a comfortable and elegant garment that can be cinched at the waist or left open and loose.

Unexpected detailing comes from pops of golden bobbles on two of the 13 rectangles that shape the piece along with the two-tone tassel belt.

Patchwork Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Get Comfy Cardigan

If you love layering pieces then you will enjoy the Get Comfy Crochet Cardigan Pattern. Here is why I love this style of crochet, especially for beginners. It's made flat, no need to join and work in the round. The crochet cardigan is created in one piece. No increasing or decreasing! This Get Comfy Crochet Cardigan Pattern has a video tutorial to guide you through each step. Options for Sleeves! Love wide or ribbed? This pattern has both. What's better than a nice cotton yarn for the summer and even fall months. Crochet layering pieces are essential to have in a wardrobe. This Easy One Piece Cardigan has options for short or long, wide puff or narrow ribbed sleeves, ribbing or no ribbing. It's a choose your own adventure of crochet!

Get Comfy Cardigan