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Cotswold Baby Hat

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Cotswold Baby HatCotswold Baby Hat

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Earth-Space Crochet Baby Hat Free Pattern

You really get two crochet baby hat patterns in one. The more complex, and therefore more interesting, is the intended "Earth in Space" design. You add a tiny bit of surface embroidery to the body of the hat to create the illusion of stars. Then you learn how to make an Earth-inspired pom to go atop the hat. However, if you leave off those two details, you're left with the simpler version - a continuous spiral crochet hat pattern that you can work in any color to suit any baby.Earth-Space Crochet Baby Hat Free Pattern

Pattern: Earth in Space Crochet Hat by Neschof

Casey Hat Free Crochet Pattern

The Casey Hat is crocheted from the top-down, in one piece and is made with Medium Weight Yarn 4 and a 5.5 mm (I) crochet hook. Stitch tutorial is provided in my post. Finished Sizes This hat is designed between mid-ear and the base of the earlobe. Preemie height 4 inches X 10 inches circumference Newborn height 4.75 inches X 12 inches circumference 0-3 months height 5.25 inches X 14 inches circumference 3-6 months height 6 inches X 15 inches circumference 6-12 months height 6.5 inches X 16 inches circumference 12-24 months height 6.5 inches X 17 inches circumference Small Child Hat (age 3-5 years) height 7 inches X 18 inches circumference Child Hat (age 6-10 years) height 7.25 inches X 19 inches circumference Teen Hat height 8 inches X 20 inches circumference Adult Hat (Medium) height 8.5 inches X 21 inches circumference Adult Hat (Large) height 9.25 inches X 22 inches circumference"Casey Hat Free Crochet Pattern

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Baby Girl Crochet Football Hat Pattern

Thinking of making a football-themed garment for daddy's little girl but still want it to look feminine? You have to check out this baby girl hat with a crochet football pattern!

It's nice pink color gives it major feminine vibes. Additionally, the brown-colored edging works well as an accent.

The football applique adds a football touch to this cute little beanie! The tradition of wearing football-themed items during the big game will be a lot easier for your little girl with this hat.

Baby Girl Crochet Football Hat Pattern

Puff Stitch Baby Hat Free Crochet Pattern

When looking for a simple and everyday crochet hat pattern to wear during the autumn and winter, you don't need to look any further than the Puff Stitch Crochet Beanie. The Puff Stitch Hat Free Crochet Pattern is easy to follow. It is very modern and fashionable. The puff stitch adds beautiful texture. Just follow the patterns , you will be able to make such a beautiful hat in just a short period of time. The hat will be great for birthday and holiday presents for your friends and family.Thanks belower designers for sharing the wonderful free crochet patterns. The links for the free patterns are provided below photos. Happy crocheting.Puff Stitch Baby Hat Free Crochet Pattern

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Puff Stitch Baby Hat

Faux Mistake Rib Easy Crochet Hat

Mimic the look of the mistake rib knitting stitching pattern by combining stitches of different heights and working in the back loop with this free crochet hat pattern. When crocheted with wool, the Faux Mistake Rib Easy Crochet Hat can accommodate a range of free hat pattern sizes. This warm and wonderful hat pattern makes a charming cap and will do its best to fight off the cold this winter. You could easily create this crocheted hat pattern in a variety of colors. The thick, cute, and universal look makes it an easy hat pattern to make for the whole family. If you wanted to spice this hat up a bit, you could add a crocheted flower to the brim or even sew on a patch from your favorite sports team.

Faux Mistake Rib Easy Crochet Hat