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Bobblicious Cardigan

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Bobblicious CardiganBobblicious Cardigan

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Crochet Baby Cardigan

I present my new design of 2018 ,its a baby cardigan with open collar. I try to make my designs as simple as possible.i made this cardigan in grey color. you can make this in different colors .this is classic vintage kind of cardigan.i have used red and white football button to add some can style it and make more lively by adding some crochet appliqué and for the girls you can do put crochet flower or do simple embroidery like lazy daisy can add a pocket on chest for boys and for girls you can add two pockets on both can decorate this cardigan in many ways. this cardigan has 2 button in a row, you can use second button for smaller baby to get him fit and as baby grows you can start using 1st button to fit him well. I made this cardigan for 0-6 month old but after following my tutorial you can make it in bigger sizes as well. this cardigan is worked in parts and then sew them together.i have used dark grey color in dk weight yarn with 3 mm crochet have to make back, left and right front and 2 sleeves . design is very simple, I used double crochet.Crochet Baby Cardigan

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Baby cardigan

"Ready To Crochet A Cute Baby Girl Cardigan For The Coming Winter? I love cardigans so much. Once the summer is over and the sun stops warming my skin, the first thing I do is... I hasten to put one of my warm and beloved cardigans! Same thing for the little girls. That's why today I'm happy to present this cute crochet baby cardigan pattern... And I suggest you follow this pattern and just create your own for your baby girl. You can make this pink cardigan in an afternoon and your sweetie will look adorable for sure, plus when you add this baby hat to the cardigan, you'll be sure that the cold does not reach her. Lastly, I choose to make it pink, but feel free to use any other yarn color, and let's start now."Baby cardigan

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Maisie Cardigan

However, you can also be a little fancier with an everyday baby and toddler cardigan. Thus you can make one such as the Maisie Hooded Cardigan, with its frilly edge and button closures.Maisie Cardigan

The original pattern and the photos are available on Ravelry:

Maisie Cardigan

Easy Crochet Boy Cardigan With Hood And Pockets

Easy Crochet Boy Cardigan With Hood And PocketsSince I made the easy crochet teddy bear girl cardigan, I've receives a lot of positive feedback. So, I decided to make a boy version of this cardigan, and to be honest I like it way more than the girl cardigan. This easy crochet boy cardigan is a bear themed hooded jacket that is worked continuously without any need for sewing. It can be easily adjusted by using thicker or lighter yarns. You can also adjust the theme by changing the ears to bunny ears or cat ears or any cute animal theme. ♥ Materials: DK yarn. Blue: 350-450 grams (4-5 skeins). White: 25-50 grams (1 skein). I used Alize happy baby yarn. Velvet yarn Blue: 100 grams (1 skein) I used Nako lily yarn. Crochet hook 7mm 4-5 Buttons Scissors Tapestry needle to weave in the ends and make the bear embroidery. Stitch markers

Lil Darlin Baby Cardigan Pattern in Multiple Sizes

If you are looking for an easy and fast cardigan pattern to crochet for babies, here it is. Also, this Crochet Lil Darlin Baby Cardigan available in multiple sizes for (12 months, 18 months and 24 months) old babies. You can see the link to the 6 months of this pattern in the post. Isn’t it would be a great shower gift that can be made spending few hours? If you're beginner to crochet, this is the easiest pattern with basic shaping that you can try as first time making cardigan. The pattern is categorized under skill level-beginner You can also add long sleeves if you want.Lil Darlin Baby Cardigan Pattern in Multiple Sizes

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