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Resonance Wrap

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Resonance WrapResonance Wrap

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Caramel Fudge Ripple Wrap

The Caramel Fudge Ripple Wrap is a simple and easy crochet wrap pattern. The stylish wrap or shawl looks gorgeous in both self-striping and solid yarns. The silt stitch is easy to do once you master the repeat. And, the stitch naturally tilts so the wrap also slants slightly on the bias for a stylish look. The wrap is generous in size. It can be worn several ways. Wrap it over one shoulder. Or, drape it over both shoulders. This pattern would also work well as an easy crochet prayer shawl pattern.Caramel Fudge Ripple Wrap

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Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap Pattern

Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap PatternLearn how to crochet this beautiful Misty Crochet Lacy Wrap. This free pattern comes with directions and a video tutorial. If you are looking for a crochet pattern that is relatively easy to master with beautiful results, then this one is for you. This pattern uses a repeat of two rows to create a lovely wrap. There is a Step-by-Step video near the bottom of this post. If you would prefer a photo tutorial, no worries, that is here too. Row 1 consists of the V-Stitch. Not sure how to complete the v-stitch? Watch the video or view the photos. Row 2 consists of the HDC Decreasing Stitch. This can be a shawl or wrap. This pattern is so versatile as it can be worn in so many ways. Wear it as an everyday wrap. Dress up for the evening and top off the look with this lacy wrap. Use it as a swimsuit cover up by wrapping it around your hips and securing it on one side.

Simple Shells Light Wrap Crochet Pattern

So, if you haven’t guessed, I decided to use the Ava yarn from Classic Elite Yarns. It's a beautiful metallic silver yarn; a blend of viscose, wool and polyester. Right off the bat, I had a vision for this particular yarn. And that's how the Simple Shells Light Wrap came into being. This wrap is really delicate and simple to make. It uses the shell stitch which, paired with the subtle metallic yarn, adds a beautiful textural wave to the wrap. It's a lightweight wrap to take on vacations with you or for mild weather. It can also be worn in a variety of ways, so it would be a beautiful holiday gift.

Simple Shells Light Wrap Crochet Pattern

Midnight Aura Wrap

Are you a witchy woman? You'll love this Midnight Aura Wrap, a free crochet wrap pattern for free-spirited ladies. This crochet wrap pattern is sensuous and elegant. You'll love the coverage and variety it offers. Use sparkly yarn to give this pretty crochet wrap an extra boost of glamor. Wear this wrap on date nights to feel beautiful and comfortable. You'll be enamored by this lovely wrap pattern, perfect for cool nights.

Midnight Aura Wrap

California Wrap

The Crochet California Wrap is here. This easy, beginner friendly wrap pattern uses a large hook and the front loop only technique to lend this gorgeous wrap its drape and flow. I love how the Crochet California Wrap turned out. These colors are so reminiscent of the area in California where I live. We have a lot of trees, but it's relatively dry which gives us plenty of dry dusty land with those golden hills. The second reason I choose this name is the lightweight nature of the wrap. Even in our hottest season the mornings can be cool and a light shawl for your shoulders is perfect.

California Wrap