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Tunisian Stardust Scarf

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Tunisian Stardust ScarfTunisian Stardust Scarf

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Reflections Tunisian Scarf

"Take your Tunisian skills to the next level without making the pattern harder with the Reflections Tunisian Scarf pattern. It uses basic Tunisian stitches and skills and adds a bit of colorwork changes to enhance the look of the scarf. The scarf is made side to side and you leave the ends as fringe, so there are no ends to tie in. Yay! Leave it curled for a fun look or block it for a traditional flat scarf look. "Reflections Tunisian Scarf

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Tunisian Honeycomb Shawl

"Do you have a taste for Tunisian crochet? This new triangle shawl is a Tunisian crochet pattern that works up like a dream. Take your time and enjoy the process on this shawl, the end result is to die for! For this Honeycomb Shawl, we are using the Tunisian Honeycomb stitch. This stitch is a fun, textured stitch that is mindless once you get going. If you are new to Tunisian crochet, or the Tunisian Honeycomb stitch I do have a video tutorial available."Tunisian Honeycomb Shawl

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Tunisian Boho Pocket Shawl

I have been seeing a lot of lovely crocheted pocket shawls lately. I wanted to make one using Tunisian crochet and here it is! This shawl is made using two Tunisian crochet stitches - the Honeycomb Stitch and the Mori Lace Pattern. The border is incorporated in the shawl by using the color change method and is not added separately. This pattern contains: Complete list of materials Written Instructions Video tutorials for all stitches and techniques used in this pattern

Tunisian Boho Pocket Shawl

Tunisian Crochet Lightning Shawl

"This Tunisian crochet Lightning Shawl is a very fun and easy pattern mostly made with the Tunisian crochet full stitch. Despite the appearance, this shawl does not have a single decrease or increase to make, at least in a classical way. Instead, the forward pass of this shawl is always a basic row made in Tunisian crochet full stitch. The thing that changes is the return pass, which is either done the classical way or by directly yarning over and pulling through two. But everything is explained in the pattern with clear pictures."Tunisian Crochet Lightning Shawl

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Mehr Shawl

From the blogger: "The Mehr shawl is made using the beautiful Scheepjes Stardust yarn and the delicate lace pattern gives it a lovely drape. It will be perfect for when the weather is just a little cold and you need something light to cover yourself with. This shawl can be paired with any outfit and it would also make a lovely wedding wrap! Mehr means ‘grace’ in Hindi This pattern is a 4 row repeat and is very easy to make once you get the hang of the repeats. The pattern is written for one size but it is easily adjustable and you can stop whenever you want! This tested pattern contains: Complete list of materials Written Instructions Pattern Chart"Mehr Shawl

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