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Americana Vest

This beginner friendly crochet vest is perfect for beginners! You'll only need to know the double crochet and chain stitches. The vest is worked in three rectangular panels: two blue front panels, and one red and white striped back panel. You'll just have four short seams to join it! The instructions are written for a 4T toddler girl’s size, but I have included instructions for how to customize the vest to ANY size. I haven’t posted photos, but my adult Women’s Large sized vest only used two skeins of blue, and one each of red and white, also. If you need additional guidance, please leave me a blog comment! If I have a few requests, I’d be happy to provide a fully sized pattern in the future,or just give you tips for finding measurements.

Americana Vest

So Stylish Crochet Vest

When you think of crochet patterns for children, you likely envision hats and gloves. But what about a crochet vest? With its understated design, the So Stylish Crochet Vest is one that can be worn with almost any outfit and can even make a great hand-me-down in a few years. This crochet pattern is easy to make and includes plenty of room for the child to wear over a long-sleeved shirt. The crochet vest can quickly dress up any outfit, even a T-shirt and jeans. If you're making this crochet vest for a gift, consider including care instructions with it.

So Stylish Crochet Vest

Super Bulky Hooded Vest Crochet Pattern

This crochet vest works up quickly using super bulky weight yarn and can be dine in a matter of minutes. Perfect, warm and cozy vest for both boys and girls! The pattern includes instructions for long sleeve version as well.

Super Bulky Hooded Vest Crochet Pattern

Easy Child’s Vest Pattern

Easy Child’s Vest PatternThis wonderful vest pattern we call a lollipop is a great pattern for beginners. You can find many patterns for girls, but if you're looking for an easy and different pattern, that's exactly what you're looking for. We have prepared a detailed instructions for easy crochet vest. For beginners, we also added charts for easy crocheted baby patterns. If you're looking for such a crochet pattern, this might be the exact opportunity you're looking for. I answer all questions about the pattern from my blog. Good luck

Ring Around the Rosie Vest Free Crochet Patterns

Lastly, this crocheted girl’s cardigan is a vest, a poncho and everything else in between. Moreover, it's simple, circular shape will be a cinch to work up.Ring Around the Rosie Vest Free Crochet Patterns

The full Youtube tutorial about this pattern is here:

Ring Around the Rosie Vest