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Teton Basket

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Teton Basket Teton Basket

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Simple Home Basket

The Simple Home Basket is big, sturdy, and perfect in any room of the home! Pick out the two colors of Red Heart Sweet Home that fit your decor and whip one up with this free crochet basket pattern on Moogly! Almost all of the two balls get used because this basket is made with a liner. It's this liner (combined with a smaller hook) that give the Simple Home Basket its sturdiness and ability to keep its shape and stand up on its own! I love the modern look of this crochet basket pattern with the neutral stripes and chalkboard-look label. And I've included instructions for making the custom label as well!

Simple Home Basket

Apple Basket Free Crochet Pattern

Present a gift of apples to a neighbor, a friend or your child's teacher - with the added personal touch of a sustainable crochet basket. This basket is versatile enough to be useful at any time of year as a gift basket or fruit basket. The post stitch details add a nice touch to the otherwise simple design.Apple Basket Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Apple Basket by Lilla Bjorn via Knotions

Yarn Stash Basket Free Crochet Pattern

What are you going to put in your crochet basket? If you're a crocheter then you're going to use it as a place to store more yarn! This free crochet basket pattern is for a large basket that can easily hold all of the yarn you'd need for a big project. This is a great way to display your yarn, too, so you can get inspiration for projects.Yarn Stash Basket Free Crochet Pattern

Stash Basket by B.hooked Crochet

Spa Basket Free Crochet Pattern

Fill this rectangular crochet basket with soaps, scrubbies and lotions to create a beautiful spa basket. It is a perfect gift for Mother's Day, birthdays or just because. This crochet basket is also a great option for organizing the odds and ends in your own bathroom so that they look cute instead of cluttered.

Spa Basket Free Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Spike Basket Pattern

Don't have enough space and items for storing things? Don't worry. Create this quick and good-looking crochet basket using chunky yarn in green color. You can use this basket also for storing the crochet items and supplies. The creation of this basket involves the chain, single stitch and basket spike stitches. So, write down all the stitches details on the paper before start working. Enjoy having a desirable crochet spike storage basket for your room!Free Crochet Spike Basket Pattern