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Palmeral Blouse Top

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Palmeral Blouse TopPalmeral Blouse Top

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Bring Granny Crochet to a Modern Top

You may think that anything that uses the term "granny crochet" couldn't be on a modern crochet list, but this blouse pattern by Cecilia Losada proves that it works. Perfect for spring and summer, this breezy top incorporates a colorful medallion and granny stitch sides and sleeves. And because you can choose any mix of colors you like, it's highly customizable for your style!Bring Granny Crochet to a Modern Top

The Spring Blouse Crochet Pattern, $8, Mamma DIY

Yarn blouse

Yarn blouseYarn blouse

Crochet openwork blouse

Crochet openwork blouseCrochet openwork blouse

Emma Summer Tank Top

This is a free crochet pattern for Emma Summer Tank Top. Perfect for the summer, the light and airy design will surely complement your swimsuit or blouse. There are a few instructions on how to make this tank top modified according to your size desired. The stitch used is 2 rows repeat and at the end of tank top instructions take into consideration the one inch stretch after washing. This Emma Summer Tank Top is crocheted two panels separately then join together starting from the top, then continue working around up to the hem edging. Size available S/M, M/L, L/XL

Emma Summer Tank Top

Bea Tank Top

Bea Tank Top is a vibrant top for the casual summer outing. The light and airy design makes it an ideal cover up to your bathing suit and at the same time can be worn as a casual blouse. This free crochet pattern is easy to create with minimal effort with step by step instructions and photo tutorials.

Bea Tank Top