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Polaris Shawl

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Polaris ShawlPolaris Shawl

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Deep Blue Beginner Shawl

This beginner triangle shawl pattern is easy to make smaller or larger. Simply crochet a repeat of R2 an even number of times - this will allow the edging to work for the shawl. This is crocheted in a lighter weight yarn, so the shawl is also lighter weight when you are wearing it. It is not heavy like a blanket. This simple shawl is an everyday shawl. Something you can make and wear for comfort, with your cozy pants, or just to keep the chill off when you are sitting on your back deck enjoying a cup of coffee (or glass of your favorite wine). This shawl will also work well as a Prayer Shawl or for donation purposes. I designed this slightly larger because I am larger myself (a petite 3X) and I wanted a shawl I could wear out on my back deck! My sister, Kelley, is modelling the shawl for the photos and she is much daintier and a size Small . It is an oversized shawl for her.

Deep Blue Beginner Shawl

Big Sky Shawl

Big Sky ShawlLife is often hard, and even the clearest skies have clouds sometimes. And as crocheters, we can make it better. One way is by making prayer or comfort shawls for those who need an extra hug, and to feel our love. The Big Sky Shawl was designed with this idea in mind - while maintaining a sense of style. The Big Sky Shawl is made with Lion Brand Homespun, a favorite yarn for those crafting for others. It's warm, soft, and the yarn creates the texture - which means simple stitches shine. And the Big Sky Shawl does indeed use simple stitches, so almost anyone can make this easy crochet prayer shawl pattern! The colors I used for the Big Sky Shawl are Montana Sky and Clouds - appropriate, no? Streaks of gray cut through the blue sky, but there is more blue than gray, to remind us of the bright times to come. The shaping creates a triangular shawl that's more V shaped than anything, with corners that wrap easily around the shoulders to stay in place. And it doesn't just help the person you give it to - it helps you too! Studies have shown time and again how crocheting improves our mental health, making this an excellent way to help others while you help yourself. You can wear the Big Sky shawl across the shoulders as a standard shawl, or wrapped around the neck with the point in front - either way, the optional tassels on the points help keep it where you put it. It's only 20 rows long (plus a couple rounds for the border), so you can whip one up in a just a few evenings.

Grace Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

"Today's free crochet shawl pattern is the Grace Shawl, this shawl pattern is very similar to the Fantasia Shawl with it's shell design and mesh stitches which gives both a really beautiful lacy look. The Grace shawl i found that the shells were more in blocked rows and it gives the illusion that it's more worked as panels. This pattern is a top down shawl pattern with a long starting chain which might sound hard but i personally love these ones as they work up so quick!"Grace Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

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Amazing Grace Crochet Shawl Pattern

The Amazing Grace Crochet Shawl Pattern is a beautiful pink and white shawl dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. If you know someone who is going through a difficult time, this prayer shawl is a wonderful way to show you're thinking about them. Say a prayer before you work up this crochet shawl pattern and your well wishes will be evident in every stitch you make. The feminine colors of this shawl make it the perfect accessory for any woman. The button closure drapes nicely in the front and gives the shawl a nice asymmetrical look. Give this lovely prayer shawl to someone close to your heart and they are guaranteed to smile.

Amazing Grace Crochet Shawl Pattern

Ferne Sideways Shawl

Today's free crochet pattern is the Ferne Sideways Shawl, this beautiful shawl is such a joy to make as it uses simple crochet stitches to make a minimalist design but still looks absolutely stunning on! When creating the Ferne Sideways Shawl i took the design from the Ferne Asymmetrical Shawl and created it sideways and even though it's the same design it still looks different. Working a shawl up in filet crochet makes this shawl a perfect quick and mindless project to make and only takes four days to do if you crochet 220 yards a day! Since this is a filet crochet pattern you will be working the shawl pattern in only double crochet and chain stitches, once you have crocheted rows 1-7 from then on you will only follow a four row pattern repeat which is super easy to remember.

Ferne Sideways Shawl